Out of Washington D.C. comes a band who mixes the gritty grunge of Soundgarden, with the fuzz noise of Baroness, and a whole lot of blues and attitude, and that band is Black Dog Prowl.  This Friday, Black Dog Prowl will be releasing their EP entitled “Fine Lousy State” independently.

“Fine Lousy State” is the first of a two-part EP that Black Dog Prowl will be releasing, along with their anticipated Spring 2019 release of “Resigned Lousy State”.  Black Dog Prowl has taken over the Washington D.C. rock scene by playing in notable D.C. venues and sharing the stage with the likes of The Answer, The Parlor Mob, and Steel Panther.  Black Dog Prowl has also played in Mexico and Chile where they have shared the stage with the likes of 90’s rock legends Candlebox.

“Fine Lousy State” starts off with the grunge and grit inducing track entitled “The Hill You Die On”.  This track is hard-hitting, raw, and it personifies what a gritty track should sound like.  The guitars are blazing, the rhythm is pulsating, and frontman Josh Fivner absolutely delivers on the vocals.  This track is an ode to the 90’s grunge movement based on the stylistic arrangements.

“Days Go By” offers moments of contemplation and reflection as it really showcases another layer of Black Dog Prowl, as they incorporate a bit of desert acoustic rock feel to it with that blues feeling that Black Dog Prowl will have trademarked.  It offers that feeling of them rocking out with their friends as the embers glow in a campfire in the woods.

This is quite a solid EP from start to finish.  With their songwriting, arrangements, and their larger than life feel in their music, Black Dog Prowl will continue to trailblaze the hard rock road for years to come with this 8 out of 10 star offering.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  The Hill You Die On
  2.  Fine Lines (Far Cry)
  3.  State Radio
  4.  Days Go By
  5.  Salt The Earth

On Saturday, December 8th, Black Dog Prowl, along with Shagwuf and Heavy Wire will be performing at Dangerous Pies in Washington D.C., for tickets and further information on the gig, click here.

Fans can find Black Dog Prowl at the following locations:



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