Out of Indianapolis, Indiana is a three piece indie pop/rock/shoegaze band that has recently released their EP called “Feels Like Color”.  With this EP, tri patterns is set to take the indie rock world by storm.

tri patterns is a three-piece band composed of Dawson Freeman, Nathan Davis, and Logan Morrison(not the Minnesota Twins player).  In their young musical career, tri patterns has rocked various DIY venues in the Indianapolis scene and have shared the stage with The Stolen, Coast Modern, and Oh, Weatherly.  They infuse a bit of punk, pop, and a bit of garage and shoegaze into the mix.

Songs such as “Let’s Go” certainly have a catchy upbeat feeling that will cause the listener to move about in place while other songs such as “What To Be” showcases their atmospheric elements that might accuse tri patterns of having shoegaze elements.  “What To Be” showcases tri patterns as being patient with their buildups and for an up and coming band, they have certainly honed their craft like seasoned veterans in their craft.

“Feels Like Color” is certainly an EP that could be one of the best kept secrets in the indie-rock scene right now.  Their arrangements are colorful, the vocals are lush full of harmony and melody, and the rhythm section is on point.  Because of this, “Feels Like Color” by tri patterns gets a solid 8 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Shadows
  2.  Blue
  3.  Simpler Times
  4.  Let’s Go
  5.  What To Be

Check out “Sounds Like Color” by tri patterns via Spotify below!

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