Madness To Creation is presenting to you the woman that has over 320,000 Instagram followers and arrived to Los Angeles from Moscow, Russia, to bring soulful melodies, metaphorical lyricism, and a sensual appeal, and that woman is soul-pop artist Cooper Phillip.  Cooper Phillip recently released her music video entitled “Speak In Tongues”, which already boasts of almost 100,000 views on YouTube, along with over ten million streams overall!

When we think of “speaking in tongues”, we think of the days of Pentacost, where people were overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that they began to speak in tongues.  Cooper has used her metaphorical lyrics in the song to describe the power of love for that special someone that just drives them crazy, which is similar to being overwhelmed by the supernatural.  Because of the imagery in the lyricism, Cooper Phillip has cemented herself to be one of the pop artists to look out for in 2019.

Based on her voice and the arrangements of the music, it is clear that Cooper has the talent and the drive to make it in “the biz”.  Cooper was born in a small town in Russia to a family who was trained in classical music.  Her mother was so talented at the violin that she would performed with various symphonies around the world.  Cooper was enamored with the jazz vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald and noticed how she sang, and would enroll in the Moscow State Classical Academy where she would learn piano, harp, music theory, blues, ballet, and jazz.  With barely a dollar to her name, Cooper would move halfway around the world to New York City.  She would sleep in the backroom of a RESTAURANT while she would perform anywhere she could, whether it’d be a club or at a wedding. Then, she moved across the United States to Los Angeles.

Alessandro Calemme and Max Mutluck would co-write this single because they saw the gifted potential that Cooper Phillip possessed and it’s plain to see.  Based on the single, it is just a wonderful love song to listen to.  A love song that has some class in the lyrics and just where you would feel like getting romantic with that special someone in your life.  The arrangements are atmospheric which absolutely matches the lyricism of “Speak In Tongues”.

Based upon the video, I love the outfits, especially the black ensemble that Cooper would wear in the mansion, and I love that it took place in a desert, which appeared to be surrounded by amazing desert foliage.  The video is total class and it has a pretty hot ride that makes you want to cruise the open road.

Cooper Phillip is bringing it back to where pop songs where meant to be sung along to and where you can cruise the open road with your friends or that special someone and she would be the soundtrack to you living in the moment.  Given that she already boasts ten million streams into her music and this video boasts almost 100,000 hits on YouTube, give it time, Cooper Phillip will become a household name for years to come.  Madness To Creation rates this a 9 out of 10 stars.

Fans can find Cooper Phillip at the following locations:

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