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Katie Knipp recently charted on the Billboard Top Ten in the Blues Albums charts with her latest record entitled “Take It With You”.   I haven’t listened to any new blues artists in quite a while. Frankly, I didn’t realize there were so many making new Blues music today; as I love the several decades-old Blues of Ella, Buddy, and B.B.!

But Katie Knipp has a distinctive voice that sounds older and more powerful than her age implies. It is a strong, solid, pleasing voice that pulls you into the song from the moment she begins. Musically gifted with the ability to play many instruments, but her best gift is a wide effortless vocal range.
I was surprised and delighted listening to Katie’s 5th and newest album released November 2018. It is titled “Take It With You”. Nice title, and my suggestion to you. It’s a buy.
My favorites from the album are Another Round, Last Man Out and Gotta Get Outta My Dreams. To paraphrase her lyrics, I think she is… “a woman who’s going to stick around.”

And there you have it!  Here is who appears on the album:

Katie Knipp:  vocals, piano, dobro guitar, harmonica, tambourine, Hammond organ

Neil Campisano:  drums and percussion

Zachary Proteau:  bass and tuba

Brett Vaughn Rechtfertig:  electric guitar

Chet Chwalik: trumpet and horn arrangements on “Another Round”

Al Bent: trombone

Scott Brill-Lehn: harmony vocals on “I Don’t Sing For You”

Check out the track listing below:

  1.  I Don’t Sing For You
  2.  Ya Make It So Hard To Sing The Blues
  3.  Letters
  4.  Metro In Paris
  5.  I Will Stick Around
  6.  Come Back
  7.  Get Outta My Dream
  8.  Santa Cruz Blues
  9.  Another Round
  10.  Last Man Out

Fans can check out Katie Knipp at the following locations:





Check out Katie Knipp on tour:

Sat. 12/15- Elk’s Tower Ballroom in Sacramento, California

Fri. 1/4- Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento, California (w/Coyote Slim)

Sat. 3/2- St. Augustine of Canterbury(Benefit for Haiti) in Rocklin, California

Sun. 3/3- Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco, California (w/Amber Snider and Sara Rodenburg)

Thu. 4/11- Longboard Margarita Bar in Pacifica, California (w/The Carmen Ratti Band)

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.


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