On Saturday, December 15, 2018, I attended the Slaughter concert at the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, Iowa. Doors opened at 7 PM and the show started at 8 PM. Ron Keel opened up for them. While I don’t know much about Ron, I’ve learned that he toured with several bands back in the 80s, as well as had some albums out.

Prior to his part of the show, Ron stood at the merchandise table and greeted fans. I approached the table and had a short conversation with him as well as got my picture taken with him. I was impressed by how down-to-earth and humble he was; truly a nice guy.
Ron began his set shortly after. And while I waited for the rest of his band to come on stage, no one ever did. Ron did his whole 45 minute set solo and acoustic. He was interactive with the crowd throughout, including taking a womans cell phone and recording from his point of view. Ron’s songs were catchy and quite good, considering he had no back-up. Ron thanked everyone and gave props to the fans local radio dj’s that were there, as well as the Hard Rock staff.
As 9 PM approached, rock music played over the speakers and soundchecks were done. More people started to fill the arena. Around 9:05, Mark and the band came on stage. They appeared to be right at home, after having been performing for 30+ years. While some songs were hard to understand due to Mark screaming and perhaps the fact that I was in front of one of the bass speakers. Mark still has his one-of-a-kind high pitched scream.
They sang all of their hits, including ‘Fly to the Angels’, ‘Desperately’, ‘Days Gone By’ (my favorite), and of course ‘Up All Night ‘. At one point, Mark came out into the crowd and hugged fans while singing, as well as passed around a bottle of Patron.
The best part of the show was hands-down the drummer, Zoltan. He not only used his hands flipped his drum sticks in the air as well as back and forth with Mark, but the guy used his feet to kick the cymbals, knocking one down at one point, and sometimes even standing on his seat. He literally reminded me of Animal from The Muppets, very full of energy and entertaining. I’m not sure Blas Elias ever did that while he was with the band. This guy was phenomenal!!
After their set ended around 11 PM, Mark came out and signed autographs and took photos with the fans. I must say, he was very kind and his hair smelled amazing! Ha! They definitely put on a great show!
Mandy and Ron Keel
Slaughter does have a few dates locked up for 2019 so far!  Check out the tour dates below!
Sat. 2/23- Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg, Canada
Sat. 3/23- DeJoria Center in Kamas, Utah
Fri. 3/29- Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota
Sat. 6/8- Summer Slam in Morgantown, West Virginia
Fri. 7/19- Jackson Rancheria Casino in Jackson, California
Sat. 7/20- Rock The Dam Fest at Beaver Dam Amphitheater in Beaver Dam, Kentucky (w/Night Ranger, Warrant, and Autograph)
For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.
Fans can find Slaughter at the following locations:

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