I never thought I would enjoy some Christmas tunes from one of the surviving members of The Ramones, yet here I am.  On December 7th, C.J. Ramone released via digital and vinyl “Christmas Lullaby” via Fat Wreck Chords.

This album includes the original title track and the cover of “Father Christmas” by The Kinks.  “Christmas Lullaby” tells of a tale of spreading love and cheer towards that special someone with the magic of Christmas in the air.  Knowing C.J. Ramones, the tongue is placed firmly in cheek in this one.  The cover of “Father Christmas” by The Kinks is certainly a magical tune, while it pays homage to the pioneer rockers The Kinks.

The most enjoyable thing is that a member of The Ramones is here to spread the holiday cheer with their lively spirit, which is the cherry on top during this holiday season.  Madness To Creation rates this a 9 out of 10 stars.

This next summer, C.J. Ramone will be performing at Poeyelhei Sjock Festival at Gierle, Belgium on Friday, July 12th.  Thursday, August 1st, he will also be performing at Winter Gardens Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, United Kingdom.

Fans can find C.J. Ramone at the following locations:





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