Editor’s Note:  What an incredible year for music!  What an incredible year for Madness To Creation.  Adding more contributors, working on adding a podcast, and we are making this into a reality by being genuine about the music that we love.  This BANGERS of 2018 list certainly take the damn cake for 2018.  These artists all have something special and will be artists to certainly look out for in 2019.  Some of these were from artists/bands that reached out to us.  They make you want to scream, “let’s go” as you find new reasons to fall in love with music all over again!  This is in no particular order.


Banger Status:  This album just explodes with infectious energy and raw passion.  They are also activists.  “Screaming To Be Heard” is one of the best rock songs I’ve heard this year.  This EP is packed with pulsating beats, thundering drum fills, and just intense vocals.  Pick up “Cages” by Monster Eats Manhattan

“Sunshine State of Mind” by Zander

Banger:  This album is so laidback, funky, and groovy that Zander almost uses his musical powers to transport you to the beaches of Florida.  This EP defines the word FUN as well!

“Recovery” by Dream State

Banger:  Talk about an emotional album.  This is how to make heavy music.  Dream State absolutely puts on a freaking clinic in this EP.  They are going to be major players in the heavy music genre for years to come.

“Stranger Fruit” by Zeal & Ardor

Banger:  The darkest album I have ever heard.  The most philosophical album I have ever heard.  One of the most thought provoking albums I have ever heard.  Zeal & Ardor combined Negro Spirituals with blues, and black metal and created a whole new genre effortlessly.  Groundbreaking.

“Negative Space” by Satellite Citi

Banger:  Socially conscious.  Two people in the band.  The vocalist has passion and a snarl in her vocals.  “Undead” is a battlecry for LGBTQ youth to live free.  Plus, the two piece band combines psychedelia with garage rock ever so effortlessly.  If you want to be moved, check out “Undead.”

“Messer” by Messer

Banger:  In a genre that is losing touch with the mainstream audience, Messer comes storming onto the scene with thought out arrangements, songs that are primarily about The Law of Attraction, and just that infectious way where you can’t help but sing along to their music.  Check out the song “Everything Beautiful” if you want goosepimples err’where.

“The Demo” by Brianna Musco

Banger:  Brianna just used this EP to get used to the idea of recording and to establish that baseline into what direction she wanted to take her music.  Let me tell you, I was blown the hell away when I listened to her serene voice and lush acoustic arrangements.  Do not sleep on this artist!  If you want tears in your eyes, check out the song “Not Enough”.

“Badtimes” by FLOODS

Banger:  FLOODS are composed of geniuses.  They take club music and make it into an after hours party, making it sound so soothing, yet you want to dance, and “Badtimes” just creates this total mindtrip because you don’t know whether to jam or just chill, so you do both at the same time.  If you want a perfect song to listen to, check out “Feel So High”.

“Broken” by Memphis May Fire

Banger:  Matty Mullins takes this band into a new direction.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to take it, but they transition from metalcore to more mainstream rock and it sounds incredible.  “The Old Me” is one of my picks for jams of the year.

“Revival” by Light The Torch

Banger:  Imagine a heavyweight prizefighter coming back for one more go around and he wins the belt upon returning.  Howard Jones may have been the comeback of the decade in metal with his return in this album.  Yes, they had Devil You Know, but Light The Torch crowded the plate, swung for the fences, and walked it off with a mic drop on this one.  “The Safety Of Disbelief” is one song that shows you the genius of this supergroup.

Check out our playlist here and add it to your playlist!


Hope y’all enjoyed Madness To Creation’s Bangers of 2018!  Let’s make 2019 a year to remember!  Insanity and Creativity are on a collision course! 


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