When the fuzz is turned up to 11, the distortion is at an all time high, and the psychedelia of the music video is turnt, that’s what you get when you check out the bizarre music video to “Black Swan” by Pilod.  They released their music video back in 2016, and they reached out to us to review it right now.

Out of Belgium, Pilod is a three-piece band composed of Geert Luyts on drums/backing vocals, Frederic Baervoets on vocals/guitars, and Christophe Vandewoude on bass/backing vocals.  They have played on stages all over Belgium, but have also opened up the market for the Netherlands, Spain, and France.  They state that their influences include Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth, and Broken Social Scene.

Upon this video, there is that immediate throwback feel to 1990’s videos where they are in a house and there is some strange commotion going on in the house.  I like the effects that they use to create that bizarre effect as they tip their collective caps to the era of 1990’s alternative rock in this video.  The fuzz is up at an all time high which will make fans of Arcade Fire smile with glee and the vocals are a bit unusual yet it works for Pilod.  Pilod did a great job of echoing the unforeseen circumstances in “Black Swan” with everything going on in the performance music video in the house.

Pilod, you did it, you peaked our curiosity of this band.  I like bands that get me out of my element and out of my comfort zone a bit, and Pilod certainly did their job.  Madness To Creation rates this a solid 8 out of 10 stars.

Based on their Facebook page, it sounds like Pilod had a rough 2018, but they plan on releasing a new album in 2019.  They have previous material entitled “Sunny Forecast” and “Black Swan”, which you should check out as well.  Fans can check out Pilod at the following locations:



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