Editor’s Note:  Those that know me personally know that raising awareness on suicide prevention is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  My heart literally crumbles anytime I hear of someone that cannot take the pain anymore and takes their own life.  Chicago electro-rock artist I YA TOYAH certainly has experienced that as she lost her own mother to suicide.  Fans can pick up “Code Blue” via Bandcamp where 15% of proceeds go towards National Suicide Prevention and fans can also find I Ya Toyah at the following locations:





It’s some of the songs that were with me through the dark times after my Mom’s suicide, when I questioned a lot of things, including life itself. I cheer up with darkness. I feel like there is no uplift until you fall all the way down, and I wanted to- even though I already was very down. It’s that for the outer world I needed to be me without the shadow, and those moments, with that music, were my own and allowed me to step out of the usual me and let me be me in grief, in the shadow, the one I wanted to hide from myself and the world.
I feel like a lot of people ignore it because they don’t understand it and, because it requires for them to give a moment to stop and think deeply about uneasy things. I’m always very thankful to meet the ones who do.
— I Ya Toyah

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I Ya Toyah has some gigs in the Midwest coming up!  Check out tour dates below.

Sat. 1/12- Club Anything in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fri. 3/1- Crucible in Madison, Wisconsin

Sat. 3/2- Club Anything in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fri. 3/29- Underground Lounge in Chicago, Illinois

Sat. 3/30- Warehouse in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Sat. 4/20- The Red Sea in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sat. 5/18- Minibar in Kansas City, Missouri

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here!

Check out her live video for “Flashback” below!

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