Back in the fall of 2018, 3 Headed Snake released a brief, three-song self-titled EP.  The band is composed of vocalist Johnny Ray, guitarist Cesar Soto, bassist DV Karloff, drummer Derek S. Abrams, and is rounded out by legendary Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin!  

All three of the songs feature powerful riffs, bass, and drum compilations throughout.  3 Headed Snake provides a classic metal sound that traditionalists (if that term may be used in the metal scene) will appreciate and, in fact, will probably leave those fans wanting more!

“Wisdom Screams” is the highlight of this introduction we receive from the band.  This is a powerful, extremely well-written song that speaks to the chaotic and mixed feelings many feel in our society today.  In fact, the band says through the lyrics, “Wisdom screams like a mother in Travail, return to the archetype of old.” This is a great illustration of the writing style and message that make this a great tune.  The immense talents of Quirin are also on display throughout the song. Please check out the official video for “Wisdom Screams” below:

The other two songs–”Symbiotic” and “Money God” are very powerful as well.  Written in the same style as “Wisdom Screams”, there is a slow build up and then a powerful but brief instrumental before Ray lets loose!  

It’s hard to give a “Ten Star Rating” to an EP featuring only three songs.  I will say that this work from 3 Headed Snake is very good! Fans of a classic power metal sound as well as Ministry fans should like this work and at times the voice of Ray will remind many of Bruce Dickinson’s work with Iron Maiden.  I know this EP has me very interested in what 3 Headed Snake will produce in the future!

Track Listing:

  1. Symbiotic
  2. Wisdom Screams
  3. Money God

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