Out of Dallas, Texas comes a band that could make that early list for 2019 Bangers of the Year as pop-punk band Offended By Everything released their EP entitled “Evergreen” on January 4th.  With their guitar tones, their impeccable vocals, and just their will to win, Offended By Everything is destined to become a household name in the pop punk world.

From the outset on the second track entitled “I’m Gone”, I knew that Offended By Everything would be destined for greatness.  The rhythm makes you dance about in place and the lyrics tell a tremendous story about a relationship with someone who goes through anxiety.  The lyrics, “Take it slow/please don’t leave/I’d rather be broken than lonely” are absolutely mindnumbing in the most beautiful way.  As someone who goes through anxiety, I can certainly relate when it comes through going through a relationship.  It’s that feeling that you’re never good enough and that you’ll never meet those lofty expectations is what makes this track so relatable.

“We were looking for an easy way out from the monotony we brought on ourselves” sings Offended By Everything with a sense of urgency as they must’ve went through that period of becoming stagnant or going through the motions in their lives.  The drum fills and the rhythm section certainly drives this song.  The title track to the EP mixes in some amazing storytelling and is just beautiful to listen to as Offended By Everything showcases their vulnerable side in that track.

Offended By Everything wrote the soundtrack to that socially awkward person’s life with this EP.  The lyrics are relatable, yet challenge you to overcome those challenges and the rhythm and timing in the progression changes make this album just a freaking awesome listen.  Take notice and let Offended By Everything be the soundtrack to your day with this 9 out of 10 star offering.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Deadweight
  2.  I’m Gone
  3.  You Call It Normal, I Call It Monotony
  4.  Evergreen
  5.  The First Time

Offended By Everything has a few gigs coming up in Texas.  Check out the dates below.

Fri. 1/25- The Curtain Club in Dallas

Sat. 2/16- The Prophet Bar in Dallas (w/On Better Terms)

Thu. 2/21- The Prophet Bar in Dallas (w/Rebelle, Forever Starts Today, and ctylve)

Sat. 3/9 – Dallas Independent Entertainment in Lewisville (w/Chin Up, Kid)

Fans can pick up tickets at Offended By Everything’s Facebook events page and can also find them at the following locations:



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