I had never heard of 100 Watt Vipers before, but a friend said that I should check them out.  I’m glad that I did.  I love rock and blues, and I loved their sound.  One reviewer said that they sound like a V8 engine.  I would go along with that, except it reminded me very much more of motorcycling for some reason.  Every song,  I could picture a motorcycle rumbling along twisting and turning into new curves.

In fact, the song “No Salvation In These Fields Today”, sounds like the perfect Sons Of Anarchy song.  I had to search on Tunefind to see if it had been!  “Old Crow/I hear you calling down in the field today/just like the old man, he’s just trying to find his way/No salvation today, down in these fields”  “After Storm Comes The Peace” reminded me of riding through bouts of storm clouds getting soaked.  Then the sun comes out for awhile and after awhile you’re dry again, but you don’t stop riding, you push on through.

There is a bit of variety in this album by way of a couple of acoustic versions of songs and some lengthy instrumentals.  If you are like me and enjoy instrumentals, sometimes more than listening to the lyrics, you’ll love this!  Their instrumental, “Holy Water” is a great piece with a sound like a hard to kick start ’79 Harley.  The bike moves pretty smooth once it fires up after 20 kicks(or resorting to the electric start button).  But the deep down unmistakable sound makes it an absolute joy for the ride; as is the deep rumbling in the entire song.

“The Bell Tolls Heavy” is an acoustic version and I liked this as much as the full version, but noticed it just had a softer more sincere vibe to the lyrics.  I happily listened to the whole album a few times, but I had to listen a few extra times in a row to the song “My Old Bible”.  It just gave me that wind in my hair feeling with such a hard driving force, and it gets you pumped up and ready to hit the streets.

Check out the music video for “The Bell Tolls Heavy” here.

I liked this album so much that I had to go and listen to some of their older stuff.  Then, I had to go out and look for some more information on them.  I was blown away to discover that they only got started as 100 Watt Vipers in 2013.  They have a handful of albums and each one is worth the listen.  The album titles include “Something Wicked Comes This Way”(2014), “Cold Sunday Blues”(2016), “Hellbound Train Rollin'”(2016), “Salvation Blues”(2017), and “Holy Water”(2018).

They have such a grasp of the old school hard-driving rock & roll blues that I would have bet they had been around for a few decades rather than just a few years!  This new album sounds much the same as the older ones.  I was sorry to see they don’t  play many gigs according to their Facebook page, so catch them when, and if you can, which leads to even less dates to catch them here in the U.S.A.

They are currently working on some dates for a European run this year, the European crowds will should definitely be rushing out to see 100 Watt Vipers live, as they tend to appreciate rock more than we do here in the United States.

My take was that these guys are pretty good and if you liked the old stuff, you will love this new album.  I am glad my friend suggested them as I plan to listen often now.  There is a distinctive voice, a gruffness, and a distinctive style that once you have heard 100 Watt Vipers, you would know them anywhere with just a few words and music.  Whether you think their sound is more V8 than Harley, it doesn’t really matter.  But, I bet you will have to listen to this while out driving, as there is no sitting still when this album fires up!  Make the purchase, as I am sure that it will get your motor running.

“Holy Water” by 100 Watt Vipers Tracklisting:

  1.  Aces High
  2.  Penny in the Well
  3.  You Ain’t Gonna Take Me Down
  4.  The Bell Tolls Heavy
  5.  The Thunder Cries
  6.  I Am The Traveler
  7.  Holy Water
  8.  My Old Bible
  9.  No Salvation In These Fields
  10.  After The Storm Comes The Peace
  11.  We Ride On
  12.  Hard Summer Coming Down
  13.  Ain’t Got No Golden Cup

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