Flint, Michigan has been through its share of heartache, violence, and corruption over the years.  There is a water crisis where it took Elon Musk to begin to save the day by helping to provide where the government failed the people of Flint and also Flint has endured its share of poverty and unrest within the restless community.  Flint’s own King 810 will be releasing “Suicide King” via KING Nation.

In this album, the band speaks of trials and tribulations in their neighborhood.  They speak of murder and gun violence in “Bang Guns” and “.45”.  The imagery and storytelling told by one David Gunn is quite vivid and a bit unsettling, but a good storyteller is supposed to make you feel a bit disturbed as you squirm in your seat listening to what he might have gone through.  “I only touch hands with boys who squeeze guns” screams David Gunn in a disturbing voice.  In “Bang Guns”, the sample with the female vocals and how it comes crashing down in a melancholic piano is haunting, yet it sounds like it could be played at a funeral.

King 810 also encourages the listener to not only cross that bridge to get to the other side, but to light it up like a torch and leave nothing behind in “Braveheart”.  In a weird and contorted way, King 810 is using this song as a battlecry for the community.  Songs such as “Black Rifle” and “Wade In The Water” incorporate a bit of lounge singing and a touch of blues in the music.

King 810 is the type of band you either completely get it, or it leaves you scratching your head.  They are that band that is like that misunderstood child that is the outcast in the school halls.  However, if you sit down and talk to that misunderstood child, the child slowly warms up to you and the more you get to know that child, the more intrigued you are to get to know the child.  King 810 is the same thing.  Give it a few listens.  It’s easy to say that one likes the album, what separates King 810 from a lot of bands is that with “Suicide King”, it is art imitating life, and that is nothing short of flippin’ intriguing.  9 out of 10 effort by King 810!  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Heartbeats
  2.  Braveheart
  3.  Bang Guns
  4.  A Million Dollars
  5.  .45
  6.  What’s Gotten Into Me
  7.  Black Rifle
  8.  God Is Watching
  9.  Wade In The Water
  10.  Sing Me To Sleep

King 810 just got off a European run with Puppy.  Be on the lookout for future tour dates.  Fans can find King 810 at the following locations:





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