Just fresh out of the oven, in fact it’s so piping hot that I need oven mitts, is an indie rock band out of Indianapolis, Indiana called FROM ELSEWHERE.  Forming in June 2018, they released their debut EP entitled “Just Like The Sun”.

From Elsewhere is a three-piece band composed of Nikhil Ramani on guitars/vocals, Travis Lee on bass, and Luke Duckworth on drums.  They mix elements of atmospheric indie rock with elements of shoegaze in their music.  For a band that’s brand spanking new, they incorporate some cool elements in their music.

I love the psychedelic atmospheric vibes in “Park Dates”, Ramani does an impeccable job of elevating his guitar into a resounding statement in the song.  The only thing I wish is that I could hear Ramani’s vocals a bit more clearly, however, I love how it comes to a crashing halt at the end of “Park Dates”.  The rhythm section in “Collective Thoughts” certainly shines.  I like how snappy the guitar feels, and From Elsewhere showcases some diversity in their arrangements.

“Just Like The Sun” by From Elsewhere is an EP that is a fun listen and there is enough diversity in the arrangements to keep the listener intrigued and engaged in the EP.  I see From Elsewhere doing very well for themselves in the future and looking forward to seeing some growth from this band.  I give this EP a solid 8 out of 10 stars.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Painted
  2.  The Color Yellow
  3.  Park Dates
  4.  Collective Thoughts
  5.  Drown
  6.  Are You In?

Fans can check out the album via Spotify:

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