Contributor’s Note:  I don’t know if good Hip Hop can be hard to find in the underground scene or if I’m not looking hard enough, but when I first heard Winebox Loungechair I was floored.  Their production reminds me of The Pharcyde and Jurassic 5 with some Jay-Z and J. Cole thrown in.  I absolutely loved this band and it was the perfect breath of fresh air.  Fans can find Winebox Loungechair at the following locations:

Can you first tell me about who plays what in the band?


So on vocals we have Philthy Phil(of the cuckoo’s nest), Pozy One(look at his solo work), and Shannon Styles(local cover artist). On guitar we have Alex White(of Monkeybite). And then we have Mike and Nick Rufolo(of the brothers nylon). Still expanding the band.


Who are some of your biggest influences? I hear a lot of Talib Kweli and Fugees on your album ‘Dat Wine.’


We only like Pitbull. We’re kidding but not really.


Phil’s influences range from Ill Bill and Atmosphere, to Pimps of Joytime, and Lakestreet drive. The combination of those artist have help shaped me in many ways. It helps me learn to have an unique sound, and has given me a broad variety of being able to bring different instruments into the mix.


Shannon’s influences are all over the place. Ranging from Queen, to Amy Winehouse, Selena Quintanilla, and bouncing to Rage Against the Machine, and then having me be obsessed with My Chemical Romance. Those artists have shaped me into the musician I am today. They help me figure out how I actually want my sound to be.


Nick and Mike are heavily influenced by the bands Primus and Frank Zappa.


What’s it like playing hip hop on Long Island?  How do you feel it’s helped shape your sound?


Playing hip hop  on Long Island is actually very hard. Everyone now a days wants to be a rapper, so no one takes it seriously. We are trying to branch out to the city and out of state where we will be taken more seriously.


It has helped our sound by having us become a full band, and being able to put other sounds that no one else is doing. Phil grew up on Long Island in the 2000s when hip hop was at a high peak, with the 90s just ending, and it’s made him more susceptible to listening to artist like Run DMC, The Fresh Prince, and DJ Jazzy Jeff


Where did your name Winebox Loungechair come from?


Well this is going to be a long story. Not really but it’s funny. So…. I’ve had lots of people live with me, one being when I was younger, my friends mother, she drank excessive amounts of cheap boxed wine and made furniture out of said boxes. So more recently I was talking about this and said what if we can make a WineBoxLoungeChair. We still actual want to craft one so if anyone wants to drink some boxed wine soon or just donate the ones they drink that would be cool.


What is next for you guys?  What does 2019 have in store for you?


Well first off we are try to do more shows, really want to play SXSW so if anyone has the hookup let us know. Working in perfecting our sound and extending the gang. Working on getting a logo, some stickers, merch. Also want to work with more artists, in every sense of the word. We’re trying to make it big. We want WBLC to be a household name, and maybe even make some boxed wine.


WBLC out.

And there you have it!  Check out Winebox Loungechair’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages for latest news and information!

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