The Drunken Donut in Joliet, IL hosted The Syndicate, Shallowdive, and Saint Marlboro
Saturday February 2nd for an intimate night of intoxicating jelly infusions reverberating swampy
psychedelia, shoegaze, and Americana jams.
The Syndicate’s steady driving rhythms swelled synergistically with wailing guitars opening up
the night with an original, “The Grind.” Their transition into Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising” warmed the mood on an icy evening as Chicago’s historic 2019 Polar Vortex rose to
double digits.
Shallowdive sustained the high energies with tantalizing harmonies, foaming tones, and drum
fills that kept the air buzzing and soaked in songs like “Love In Your Eyes” from their latest
album release Basement.
Saint Marlboro sparked the night up like a match to a pipe creating smoky licks and roasting
phrases with songs from their album Oh, Friend. Their introduction to some new tunes and new
faces channeled an energy rich with zeal.
Fresh songs conquered the crowd in contagious melodic surges while riffs melted over beats like
butter on hot buns right out of the baker’s oven.

Peace, Love, and Music- Expression Petal

The Syndicate Set List
The Grind
Good Old Days
Bad Moon Rising
Feel Talk Is Cheap
My Own Place
Higher Thank You

Fans can find THE SYNDICATE on Facebook here.

Shallowdive Set List

All Fall Down
Rain Comes Down
Can't Wait Till Tomorrow
When I Call
Wait For Me
Lost Satillite
Love In Your Eyes

Fans can find SHALLOWDIVE at the following locations:

Saint Marlboro Set List
Funeral Home
Brick & Mortar
Fear to Drink With
Mr. Empathetic
White Dress

Fans can find St. Marlboro at the following locations:



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