Editor’s Note:  Recently, rising country artist Steven John Simon released his single entitled “Tongue Tied” via digital platforms i-Tunes, Google Play, and Spotify.  The song describes that feeling one gets when they are infatuated with that special someone.  Add it to your playlist after Steven John Simon’s contribution to The Musician’s Tribune.  

In this edition, Steven describes his life in the military and how that shaped him in terms of his character, love for his country, and what he had to endure to be a member of the United States military.  Fans can find Steven John Simon at the following locations:





“How The Military Shaped Me”

My time in the Marine Corps gave me structure in my life. Everything was black and white with strict rules to follow. That structure served me well throughout my life after the Corps also. Immediately after leaving the Marines I began working in the oilfield, which is much like the military, very structured. It’s been a huge transition going into the Music Industry where there are basically no rules as far as creativity goes. You can make and play any style of music you want, you can make any lyrics you desire, and there’s no right or wrong way to make music. The one quality that I have found that’s relatable no matter what journey I’m on is persistence. Just never giving up and doing what it takes to make your dreams and visions come true! I am looking forward to using my military experience for inspiration in my song writing and sharing that with the world.

-Steven John Simon

Check out his single “Tongue Tied” via Spotify below and add it to your playlists!

Steven John Simon does have a couple of gigs in Louisiana coming up!  Check out the dates below!

Sun. 2/10- KBON 101.1 in Eunice

Sat. 4/6- The Music Cove in Houma

For further information and tickets, click here.

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