This was the album that was supposed to send Netherlands’ own AFTER FOREVER into the stratosphere back in 2007.  They released their self-titled album via Nuclear Blast Records on April 23th, 2007 in Europe and on September 28th, 2007 in the United States.  This album featured the powerful vocals of the one and only Floor Jansen, who one might know in her stint with Nightwish and in her current band ReVamp, along with another guitarist who would help create the underground metal sensation Epica.

After Forever’s self-titled album would chart at No. 6 in the Billboard 200 charts in the Netherlands and would also chart in Belgium, Germany, and France.  The vocals was a nice blending between the operatic vocals of Floor Jansen mixed in with the death growls of the background vocals.  The symphonic sounds would also blend in nicely with the rhythm section and the electric guitars to give the listener a full-on listening experience.

I will always what could have truly been with After Forever in the European symphonic metal world.  They were the Netherlands’ answer to Sweden’s Nightwish, and they could have done really well for themselves.  Several of the standout tracks on this album include “Equally Destructive”, “Cry With A Smile” and “Energize Me”.  Based on the potential that they had, many symphonic metal bands cite this album as a major influence and we can see why.  It is quite catchy and so palatable to listen to while it rocks so hard.  Madness To Creation rates this album an 8 out of 10 stars.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Discord
  2.  Evoke
  3.  Transitory
  4.  Energize Me
  5.  Equally Destructive
  6.  Withering Time
  7.  De-Energized
  8.  Cry With A Smile
  9.  Envision
  10.  Who I Am
  11.  Dreamflight
  12.  Empty Memories

Hidden track was “Lonely”.

Check out the music video for “Energize Me” below:

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