Recently in late 2018, New Jersey indie pop/rock artist Jared Dylan released a short film and an EP entitled “Consequence”.  It has achieved some major underground success as his separate music videos and lyric video for “Can’t Stop” has over 500,000 hits on YouTube.  In this album, he makes his songs come to life.

“I’m a loaded gun in social situations” sets the tone for Jared Dylan in this EP.  The lyric has a a combined anxiousness with that anticipatory setting that something coming up can be really good or really bad.  The beat is solid and Dylan has enough versatility in his vocals where he can take his career in different directions if he wanted to, whether it be indie, pop, or even EDM/house type of music based upon the remixes of this EP.

The song “Double Time” showcases Dylan’s introspective songwriting style.  It is such a positive and uplifting song where it tells the listener that sometimes we have to take the bad in life in order to appreciate the good in life.  I also enjoyed the hip-hop/EDM remixes in the album, and the party culminates in the song “Party Goes All Night”, which features Da Threat, Neville Staple, and Kemo The Blaxican.

Overall, this is a fun and enjoyable listen and it’s palatable enough to where I’m anxious to see where this takes Jared Dylan in his career.  The concept of combining an EP with a short film is a captivating concept as it showcases Jared Dylan’s versatility and his artistry.  Madness To Creation rates it a solid 8 out of 10 stars.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Can’t Stop
  2.  Justified
  3.  Double Time
  4.  Party Goes All Night (w/Neville Staple, Kemo The Blaxican, and Da Threat)
  5.  Can’t Stop (Carmen Rizzo remix)
  6.  Can’t Stop (John Gibbons remix)

Fans can find Jared Dylan at the following locations:

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