Contributor’s Note:  To call Sound of a Smirk Emo Revival music is to discredit their originality.  They seem to be able to breath new life into the music I was listening to in the early 2000s.  With their recent move to New York, I feel that it’s only a matter of time before we’re hearing about them all the time.  Fans can find Sound of a Smirk at the following locations:

How did Sound of a Smirk come to be?  How did you guys meet?

Sound of a Smirk was originally an incarnation of Jesse’s as a name for the solo project that he looked to expand. He chose a moniker rather than his own name in hopes and expectations of growing the project to a full band setting. All the other members joined the band slowly but surely through the last 4 years and we’ve went through a couple line up changes also before then. It’s been mostly meeting through mutual friends after other members parted ways.

Who are some of your biggest influences for your new album?  I feel like I hear a lot of The Gaslight Anthem and The Killers on your last album, ‘Grow, Apart.’

We appreciate the comparisons a lot, we’ve never heard us likened to either of those bands but that’s flattering. We all bring a lot of different backgrounds and influences to the table. From Jesse’s singing and songwriting being heavily influenced by 90’s and 00’s emo, to Nick’s drumming being influenced by more of the late 90’s punk and pop punk, and lastly Mark and Alex’s very funk and blues influenced bass and guitar parts. We all think it culminates into a pretty interesting and unique blend of sound.

How will your new album be different from your previous one?  

I think that our writing is a little more open minded now, we’re writing as a full four piece from the incarnation of these songs and it feels a bit more fleshed out. Having another guitarist bring writings to the table is a bit more refreshing and we’re experimenting with styles we’ve never touched before.

New York has been seen as a destination for musicians forever.  Do you feel that it lives up to expectations? How do you like being a musician in New York?

I think being a musician in New York is awesome and gives you a plethora of different musical choices. We’ve also had plenty of opportunities to open up for bands we love when they come through since New York is such a popular stop for every band. I think every musician needs the experience of playing in New York City at some point because it’s something unique and the crowds are usually very receptive.

Your music feels very vulnerable, there’s an openness to your performance and lyrics.  Do you find it difficult to be so exposed with your music?

To us writing about personal experiences and feelings is the easiest thing to do and it’s an amazing catharsis. There’s also no fiction to it, it’s all real and true, and real experiences usually have the most emotion packed in. Sharing that music once it’s out and hearing the responses to it can be a little nerve racking because you’re leaving your self exposed, but you really just hope you connect or even help someone.

Where are you going on your upcoming tour?  Any shows you’re particularly excited about?

We’ll be hitting 7 new cities from Baltimore to Nashville, to Rochester and also a show in Pittsburgh which we’ve played a various number of times. The dates were all booked by us and as DIY, in a sense, as possible. We’re really excited to be playing in all these new places but the show in Pittsburgh might be the most exciting just because of a great bill and the promise of an established fan base coming out to support us. We really can’t wait to hit the road and make new friends and fans.

Fans can check out SOUND OF A SMIRK at the following tour stops.  Hit up their Facebook page for tickets and further information
February 12th – Shelby, NC
– Absolute Heaven
February 13th – Murfreesboro, TN
– Media Rerun
February 14th – Louisville, KY
– OPEN Community Arts Center
February 15th – Columbus, OH
– Wild Goose Creative
February 16th – Pittsburgh, PA
– Gooski’s
February 17th – Rochester, NY
– Bug Jar

Check out their music video for “Olly Olly Oxymoron” below!

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