Sony Music proudly announces the release of VAN GOGH: OF WHEAT FIELDS AND CLOUDED SKIES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) featuring original music by composer REMO ANZOVINO – available February 15, 2019.


Of the soundtrack, composer REMO ANZOVINO  says, “Composing the score was an intense journey, an all-consuming experience. The music had to represent the subjective point of view of both protagonists: saying with sound what he must have felt, shut away in the asylum in Saint Remy, painting Starry Night (‘Vincent’); what she must have felt avidly reading his letters to Theo and voraciously viewing his paintings (‘Helene’). What it meant to find yourself in Arles at midday in the middle of a wheat field and to feel, as Vincent wrote to Theo, ‘like a cricket’, happy as never before, literally exploding with colour (‘Arles symphony’).”
VAN GOGH: OF WHEAT FIELDS AND CLOUDED SKIES provides a new look at Van Gogh through the legacy of the greatest private collector of the Dutch artist’s work: Helene Kröller-Müller (1869-1939), who in the early 20th Century, ended up buying nearly 300 of his works, paintings and drawings included. This is a story that tells the tale of the spiritual bond between two people who never met during their lifetime (Helene Kröller-Müller was 21 when Van Gogh died in 1890), but shared the same attraction for the Absolute, the same uncompromising search for a pure artistic, religious dimension.Directed by Giovanni Piscaglia, the screenplay is by Matteo Moneta with consultancy from Marco Goldin. The film is produced by 3D Produzioni and Nexo Digital with Veronica Bottanelli as an executive producer. The accompanying narrative to the documentary is provided by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.The film is a part of Nexo Digital’s artbeats project, which aims to bring a worldwide access to art documentaries together with their soundtracks, captured to seize amazing images from completely new and exclusive points of view.


Born in 1976 to Neapolitan parents, Remo Anzovino began playing the piano and composing music as a child. At age 24 he obtained a first-class Law degree with honors from the University of Bologna, specializing in Criminal Law. Anzovino is currently considered one of the most influential composers and pianists in the Italian music scene. His style is the perfect intersection between art music and world music, it’s the result of a long experience composing for the theatre, advertising (for brands such as Alitalia, Bulgari and NewHolland) and for the cinema. Among the many music titles of the silent pictures he played with orchestra and piano solo, there are many cult movies such as:
Le voyage dans la lune (G. Melies, 1902)
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (R. Wiene, 1920)
Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (F.W. Murnau, 1922)
Nanook of the North: A Story of Life and Love in the Actual Arctic (R.J. Flaherty, 1922)
The Navigator (B. Keaton, 1924)
Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927)
The Cameraman (B. Keaton, 1928)
Tagebuch einer Verlorenen (G.W. Pabst, 1929)
Tabù (F.W. Murnau and R.J. Flaherty, 1931)
His work is inspired by film and visual media, whether that is celebrating Pasolini, writing a complete soundtrack for “Fight For Freedom”, a recent film about Muhammad Ali, or “To duration – A tribute to Peter Handke” in 2017; and more creating the original soundtracks for “Hitler versus Picasso and The Others: The Nazi Obsession”, for “Van Gogh: of wheat fields and clouded skies”, two art movies released in April and May 2018 in over than 50 countries. Moreover he just finished the original soundtrack for the movie “The Water Lilies by Monet. The Magic of Water and Light”.
Remo Anzovino’s latest album entitled “Nocturne” (Sony Music Italy), was released on 29th September 2017 for digital download, to main music streaming platforms and through traditional record stores. The vinyl version is also available as a double LP. “Nocturne” was recorded between Tokyo (JVC Victor Studio), London (Abbey Road), Paris (Les Studios Saint Germain) and New York (Brooklyn Recording). This modern, incisive album was produced, recorded and mixed by Taketo Gohara, with orchestral arrangements by Stefano Nanni, who also directed the London Session Orchestra.  Some of the top-level International musicians who made their sensitive contribution to the project are, on Chinese violin Masatsugu Shinozaki, first violinist with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Armenian Vardan Grygorian, considered to be one of the finest Duduk players in the world, French musician Nadia Ratsimandresy, one of the foremost virtuoso players of ‘ondes martenot’ and Gianfranco Grisi, who invented the ‘cristallarmonio’ (glassharmonica) and is unrivalled in the art of glass-playing.
The Yamaha Music Europe have chosen Remo Anzovino to be a Yamaha Artist and Brand Ambassador, stating: “Yamaha will accompany Remo Anzovino though his career, having recognized that his unique musical expression combines a modern, International way of composing with a markedly Italian taste for beauty.”
  1. Vincent
  2. En plein air
  3. Helene
  4. Starry Night
  5. Loving People
  6. Arles Symphony
  7. Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies
  8. Minuet for a Whore
  9. At Helene’s House
  10. The Dignity of the Nobodies
  11. Montmartre
  12. Take Me as I Am
  13. A Crown of Lit Candles
  14. Trip to Italy
  15. The Melancholy
  16. Colours Explosion
  17. Infinity
  18. Madness
  19. Remembering Arles
  20. Requiem
  21. Helene’s Prayer for Vincent
  22. Vincent Reprise
Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Remo Anzovino
Musical Assistant: Federico Mecozzi 
Musicians: Remo Anzovino (piano, glockenspiel, Korg MS 20, Juno 60, programming), Gianni Fassetta (accordion), Federico Mecozzi (violin, viola, acoustic guitar, percussion, noises, programming), Anselmo Pelliccioni (cello, double bass), Cristian Bonato (programming, percussion, noises)
Recorded and mixed by Cristian Bonato at Numeri Studio – Coriano (Italy)
Mastering by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà – Faenza (Italy)
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