This is the band that was rumored to have Kylie Jenner as their frontwoman after “3 Strikes” was used in her lip gloss commercial.  Those rumors are false! Following the success of their “Bop City” EP trilogy, Terror Jr took that momentum and signed a deal with Atlantic Records due to their introspective songwriting and catchy as hell electropop sensibilities.  As a duo, Terror Jr has released one of the most artistic anti-pop albums out there in “Unfortunately” via Atlantic Records.  This album promises to showcase the glitz and glamour while hiding a sense of vulnerability and a dark persona underneath the veil.

Through this concept album, Terror Jr promises to use sexy albeit a little off-beat electro pop vibes with social commentary in their lyrics in this offering.  Terror Jr are hellbound to enlighten the unwashed masses ranging from topics on social media addiction in “A-OK(Everything’s Perfect)” to the issue of superficial beauty in “Pretty”, where Terror Jr challenges us to be empowered through your mind and through knowledge instead of feeling empowered due to having that hourglass figure.  The song “Pretty” really makes me mourn the plight that women go through to subconsciously have this feeling that they are not sexy enough and how if they don’t look like the models on the magazine covers, then their beauty is unworthy.  I am here to tell you to work it and that you are beautiful in your own special way!

“Favorite Bitch” is a fun electro pop track that screams of liberation and self-acceptance.  Terror Jr does an amazing job of balancing sweet clublike electropop beats and melodies while weighing the heaviness of the lyrics in their songs.  “Terrified” talks about guarding one’s heart and how sometimes love and lust isn’t as good as it’s advertised.

In this, one would think that they’re getting an electropop album that pollutes the airwaves with mindless garbage and misogynistic points of view.  Terror Jr completely flips the script in the pop world by making an album that speaks to our conscious as we dance along to the atmospheric vibes to the songs.  Madness To Creation rates this an 8 out of 10 stars!  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Maker
  2.  Losers R Lovers
  3.  Yamaguchi
  4.  Terrified
  5.  Pretty
  6.  Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me
  7.  Have You
  8.  hungoverheadcrack
  9.  Little Bit
  10.  Loner
  11.  Kinda Iconic
  12.  A-OK (Everything’s Perfect)
  13.  Favorite Bitch
  14.  Isolation
  15.  Happy Place

Fans can find TERROR JR at the following locations:

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