Editor’s Note:  Los Angeles imports Battle Tapes recently released their single entitled “Weight of the World”, which brings people back to the 90’s U.K. big beat era of Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers with the dark pop moods of Depeche Mode.  Josh Boardman and Riley Mackin spent a lot of time in production, helping out with Awaken My Love and the smash video/hit for “This Is America” by Childish Gambino.

Battle Tapes cite Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, Daft Punk, Soulwax, and Nine Inch Nails as major influences in their music, and they have previously released the EP “Sweatshop Boys” and an LP entitled “Polygon”.  Their music has also been featured in the Grand Theft Auto V video game, Girls’ on HBO, and League of Legends Championship trailer on Fox Sports.  

Check out Josh Boardman of Battle Tapes’ Spotify playlist here.

Fans can find BATTLE TAPES at the following locations:





Fans can pick up the single via I-Tunes here.

  • Photo Credit:  Lindsey Byrnes


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