Out of Boston, Massachusetts comes an indie-pop/shoegaze band known as FUNERAL ADVANTAGE, and they recently released their entitled “Nectarine” via Sleep Well Records.  This record is a follow-up to their 2017 release entitled “Please Help Me”.

“Nectarine” revolves around a state of illuminated hindsight, lingering thoughtfully throughout the multifaceted composition. “Peach Nectarine” defies gravity with rich sax complementing an alluring bass line. Translucent melodies shape ethereal soundscapes that oscillate rhythmically in songs such as “Black House”.  The album permeates funky grooves and warm nuances in “Stone Around Your Neck”, whispering longing nostalgia and haunting memories. “Bad Magnet” comes in with fervid grace that cascades into a hypnotizing ballad of transformative, lucid harmonies. Surrender yourself to Funeral Advantage in “Take Me down” and get with it.

Here is the track listing:

  1.  Rinsed
  2.  Black House
  3.  Peach Nectarine
  4.  Stone Around Your Neck
  5.  Bad Magnet
  6.  Take Me Down
  7.  It Never Gets Any Better, You Just Get Used To It

Check out “Nectarine” by Funeral Advantage via Spotify here.

Fans can find Funeral Advantage at the following locations:







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