Editor’s Note:  It was a fantastic time sitting down and discussing music and the creativity that seems to come out of SMOKE FROM ALL THE FRICTION’s pores.  The two-piece band out of North Carolina brings a unique live set and a diverse flair to their music.  They have recently released their video for “Cross & Tattoo”, and fans can expect to see them in several gigs coming up in North Carolina.  Fans can find Smoke From All The Friction at the following locations:




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Madness To Creation:  Tell us about the music scene in North Carolina.

Cam:  I’m finding that the younger crowd is eager for the next evolution in live music, but not many artists or venues are trying to find or build what that is. So I’d say the music scene is a little behind the times, but there’s good bands, good fans, we just need a lot of work to bring those together into a more communicative community.

Madness To Creation:  You all recently released the music video for “Cross & Tattoo”, take us into the song and video!

Cam:  It was my first attempt at a proper video, and by that, my first attempt to not try to do everything myself. A director named Sam Gonzalez reached out to me through Craigslist and we ended working with a lot of film students from a local college. It was really great to work with some kids really passionate about their craft.

Madness To Creation:  You got some gigs in North Carolina coming up, what can fans expect from your live performance?

Cam:  We’re pretty focused on creating the best live show experience in Raleigh. Any given show we might have an electronic drum circle, strobe light breakdown, or projected synth visuals. We’re not trying to just perform an album louder than just listening to it on Spotify. We’re there to create an experience to entertain, question, and maybe offend a bit.

Kenny:  A cornucopia of gear for two dudes; when we perform we usually bring, at the very least, a keyboard, synthesizer, two guitars, one bass guitar, and a custom-built percussion pad stand. We also have some unique devices we implement during our performances like an “old school” Xbox controller and a wireless mini midi keyboard. {{{Cam idk what to call that thing}}}  As a band we try to stimulate more than just one’s sense of hearing by using visual props like triggered LED and strobe lights as well as projecting interacting visuals on a back screen when we can. How do just two guys manage all those things while putting on a show? Come and see us to find out 😉

Madness To Creation:  Three biggest reasons why you got into music in the first place!

Cam:  Music was a big escape for me as a kid and young adult.  Electronic music on top of that allowed me to create these music worlds and full orchestration of songs without having to wait to find others to play with. 

Kenny: Music has always been a connection to human expression. I always loved how an artist who is, at most times, a complete stranger to the listener yet still posses an influence to make that listener feel a certain way. Whether it be a love song, a break up song, a hype song, a protest song, etc. the artist of the song connects with strangers in a way unlike any other using nothing but expression through sound waves. 

I always had a fascination in how different instruments produce different sounds. Whether it is the difference in sound between an acoustic and electric guitars or the difference sound produced a bass and snare drum. The different timbres in instruments have always intrigued me. It’s probably the biggest reason I taught myself how to play so many instruments. 

The creation of it all. Musical artists have the ability to disrupt silence with sound and turn those sounds into works of art. 
Madness To Creation:  Your go to jam or band that you look to when you’re feeling down in the dumps.
Cam:  When I’m trying to escape, I’ll listen to 10,000 days by Tool or Watermark by Enya. If I want to get in closer with the world, I’ll listen to Flash Flood of Colour by Enter Shikari. And if I need a quick pump, I’ll listen to DMX.


My go to jams change just about every week. Right now my top three pick me up songs are:
Quantum Flux-Northlane
The intensity and message of those songs never fail to help me pick myself up.
Madness To Creation:  Craziest moment on stage!
Cam:  I was moving around a bit too much and heard the wireless unit on my guitar go out, I thought the batteries had died. Turns out I just swung it so hard that I had just flung batteries into the crowd.
Kenny:  Last weekend I managed to accidently head but my microphone, almost take a fall from slipping on loose carpet, and disconnecting my playing while playing all without too many people noticing. I’m not sure that all that counts as crazy but it certainly wasn’t sensible from my perspective.
Madness To Creation:  Plans for Smoke From All The Friction for the rest of the year?
Cam:  Evolution on our live show, to create a show that no one else thought to do much less could pull off. We’re also pretty far into writing the next album, that will go down soon as well. We’re releasing our version of the song ‘Bring me to Life’ and we’ll do more SFATF reworks of some other covers too.
Kenny:  New music, new music videos, lots of experimentation, collaborations with local artists, tons of shows, and hopefully, lots of friction.
And there you have it!  Smoke From All The Friction has several gig dates in North Carolina coming up.  Check out the dates below:
Fri. 3/15- Slim’s Downtown in Raleigh (w/Who I Are & Splintered Reality)
Fri. 3/22- The Cave in Chapel Hill (w/Them Damn Bruners & Hank & Brendan)
Fri. 4/12- Clayton Beverage in Clayton (w/Dark Design, Dark Fire Convoy)
Sat. 5/4- Mad Ryan’s Party at Imbibe in Chapel Hill
Sat. 7/13- 2019 InterAct Benefit at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh
For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

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