Contributor’s Note:  As the City Sleeps is a pleasant mix of Indie songwriting and coffee shop vibes.  If you’re looking for a chill album to listen to on a rainy day I’d recommend their new album, “Synesthesia.”  I sat down with Allan Martinez to talk about their new album, their songwriting, and what comes next for the band.  Fans can find As The City Sleeps(out of El Paso and Austin, Texas) at the following locations:

Your album, “Synesthesia,” seems to have a very specific mood and feel throughout the album.

Yes very much so. It definitely has a certain meloncholia to it. I write what I feel, not necessarily a chord progression that’s “supposed” to be. I fiddle around with the guitar until I find a chord that represents what I’m feeling at that moment.

You’ve selected five languid and very atmospheric songs that flow well together. Did you selected these from a longer list of songs or did you write these five songs in a row?

The songs on ‘Synesthesia’ were written on an acoustic guitar, which I feel is very grounded and organic, and were later systematically layered with other instruments accordingly; I wouldn’t say they were written back to back, but the overall gloom carried over very naturally from one song to the next. The album was actually supposed to have 7 songs, but due to time restraints, the other 2 songs were not mixed or mastered in time for the album release date. Those 2 songs would have added even more ambience to the album, but lucky they’ll be included on our sophomore album we’re currently in the process of recording right now.

What inspired the songs on this album? It feels as if it comes out of heartbreak, yet there is a sense of optimism.

At the time these songs were written, my headspace was very much underwater. The lyrics are specifically about this girl and an unrequited love. That experience became cathartic, and resulted in this album. The optimism stems from a sense of carpe diem. Life may not always pan out the way we want, but we need to adapt, acknowledge, and be at peace with knowing that things are gonna flow however they’re gonna flow.

Who are some of your influences on this album?

Sean Lennon’s ‘Friendly Fire’ definitely had an influence, Denali’s Self Titled, As Tall As Lions’ ‘Self Titled’, Copeland, Jeremy Messersmith’s isolated island vibe, Damien Rice, Collective Soul, and even a bit of Stone Temple Pilots.

5. If you could play a show with any musician, living or dead, who would it be?

Living would be Sean Lennon & dead would be Chris Cornell.

6. What are some of your goals for this year?

Touring and getting our music out there is a big priority this year. Last year, we got to play at the legendary Whisky A Go Go and we intend to replicate that feeling. Not to mention releasing our sophomore album; which will be a full length. We’re definitely excited about that.

And there you have it!  On Saturday, March 16th, As The City Sleeps has a gig at Thicket in Austin, Texas.  For tickets and further information on the gig, click here.

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