Editor’s Note:  I am not into football like I used to be, but there is something about the sound of cracking open a pack of cards and awaiting what goodies surprise you.  If I were to collect football cards, I probably would be collecting Kurt Warner and David Johnson.  You can watch the video for yourself, but here is how I would rate the cards based on presentations and inserts and the like:

Donruss:  I like the variety you get in a 50 card hanger pack.  You get inserts and parallels and some rookies.  This would be a fun set to collect.  The inserts pop but the cards are too plain for me.  There is good photography in the set.  Too many inserts cause this product to be oversaturated in my opinion.

Playbook:  This was the surprise for me.  You get one orange parallel and a couple of rookies.  But I pulled a hit out of this pack and it was a rookie hit!  You will need to watch the video to see what hit I pulled.

Contenders:  I would only get the hobby version of this set.  Contenders is there for the autographs.  Their base set and inserts don’t hold much value, but their autographed cards can be worth a ton of money!

Out of all of these, I enjoyed Playbook!


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