The two piece band out of Brooklyn, New York known as SHAKE THE BABY TIL THE LOVE COMES OUT recently released their album entitled “in a pretty suit” via Bandcamp.  The duo composed of Fiona Gurney and Niko Wood is ready to show the world what the two piece big band out of Brooklyn is made of.

If you’re looking for vocals, you’re not going to get them in this instrumental album.  Shake The Baby Til The Love Comes Out takes pages out of Pelican and Chon’s playbook and puts their own version of prog with a touch of jazz/fusion into the music.  The guitar riffs are complicated and Niko Wood does a pretty nice job with the drum fills.

The album isn’t bad, but I felt like some of the songs kind of ran together into one big song on the album instead of seven separate tracks.  Maybe the album is conceptualizing one massive idea instead of crafting seven separate songs.  This album is for those that like instrumental progressive music with a math/rock/jazz/fusion twist to it.  I would be interested to see how Fiona and Niko translate their music to a live setting and I would recommend this to those that listen to this type of music, however, this album is an acquired taste and I would need more depth from them to gain a better understanding.  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Rabidatchery
  2.  World Class
  3.  Someone For Everything
  4.  Mine Is Viscera
  5.  Utility Myth
  6.  Little Spoon, Big Ego
  7.  Also Vomit

Shake The Baby Til The Love Comes Out has some gigs coming up.  Check out the tour dates below:

Sat. 3/16- The Cobra Club in Brooklyn, New York

Wed. 3/27- Alphaville in New York, New York

Sun. 3/31- Sub Culture in Jersey City, New Jersey

Mon. 4/1- Century in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wed. 4/3- Slash Run in Washington D.C.

Fri. 4/5- The Inside Joke in Richmond, Virginia

Sun. 4/7- Petra’s in Charlotte, North Carolina

Mon. 4/8- The Caledonia Lounge in Athens, Georgia

Thu. 4/11- Hardback Cafe in Gainesville, Florida

Fri. 4/12- The Bark in Tallahassee, Florida

Sun. 4/14- Siberia Lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mon. 4/15- Southside Arts Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Wed. 4/17- Symposium Brewpub in Galveston, Texas

Thu. 4/18- BackYard On Bell in Denton, Texas

Tue. 4/23-Big Gun Burger Shop in Charleston, South Carolina

Wed. 4/24- The Grey Eagle in Asheville, North Carolina

Sat. 4/27- 1004 E Oak St. in Louisville, Kentucky

Mon. 4/29- Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus, Ohio

Thu. 5/2- Amityville Music Hall in Amityville, New York

Fri. 5/3- Crunch House in West Haven, Connecticut

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find SHAKE THE BABY TIL THE LOVE COMES OUT at the following locations:

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