Editor’s Note: Tulsa-based, Minnesota-born indie soul/rock artist Casii Stephan releases her live video, “I Like the Way” shot at Tulsa’s IDL Ballroom. The track was originally released in 2016 and won an Independent Music Award for “Best Love Song.” A follow up to her self-produced track “Letters,” which received accolades from idobi radio, B Sides and Badlands, Tulsa World, Tulsa People, and more, the live video showcases Stephan in her element: captivating audiences with her soulful, nuanced vocals, with “an incredibly dynamic performance that captures an intimate moment of raw, untethered emotion.” (Atwood Magazine)

Stephan explains:

“I Like the Way is a song about being totally captivated with someone that they’re all you think about, they’re all you can see, they’re all you know. I can’t remember how it started, only that it started with a simple melody and progressed from there. I wrote it during a time when I just wanted to feel something more enveloping than a crush. In the studio recording, there are strings and a more lush orchestration, but for the live performance, we’ve slowed it down and added a trumpet. I think both versions have their place, but I’m really digging what myself and the Midnight Sun have done with this one. The trumpet player was a special addition for the Single Release Concert. He came in and really added some new life to the song. We’re all really proud of it and can’t wait to have people hear it.’

Stephan moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2014 with the intent to give up her pursuit of a music career. After plunging back into the scene and releasing music successfully,  Stephan’s love for songwriting was re-invigorated, and In early 2017, she was named “One of Nine Oklahoma Musicians to Watch” by the Tulsa World Magazine. Stephan also performed at MisFEST (short for Music is She), Tulsa’s first female- driven music festival that she helped found and produce. She was recently featured in American Songwriter Magazine as one of the artists contributing to making Oklahoma “the next big music scene.”

Another single, “GhostShips,” received a genre nomination in the Pop category from the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and received an Honorable Mention Award by the USA Songwriting Competition. In 2017, she did not disappoint, as her band The Midnight Sun, performed an official SXSW Showcase opening for Hanson.

Stephan has been compared to Florence Welch, Fiona Apple, and Carole King, as her vocal timbre possesses a full and warm quality. Her subtle vibrato notes and rollercoaster-like melodies immediate grab the listener and her emotional lyrics share intimate stories. Stephan’s voice is fierce and fearless, but this was not always the case. She grew up shy and afraid of her voice until she started writing songs on the family piano in South St. Paul when she was 16. In music, she discovered something extraordinary that allowed her to transcend everyday life and find a deeper sense of self.

In this playlist, fans will get to examine a different side to Casii Stephan.  She likes to rock too!  Check out her playlist that features The Cranberries, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Queen and so many more here.

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Vocals and Keyboard: Casii Stephan Guitar: Tye Slagle
Bass: Sean Ammons Drums:Ryan Graham Percussion: Amira Al-Jiboori
 Trumpet: Nathan Hairston
 Background vocals: Mykela Krieg

Videographer: Lyndon Alvarez, Marc Rains
 Audio engineer: Brian Darrough
 Audio Mix and Master: Scott Bell
 Video editor: Phil Camuso

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