Editor’s Note:  Threatpoint is a groove/thrash metal band out of Scranton, Pennsylvania that is on the rise and is ready to take over the game.  They are a band that you can’t necessarily put into a box as they sometimes will groove you into submission, or thrash you to death in their music.  At the end of the day, they try to be positive and somewhat uplifting in their lyrical content.  On their Facebook page, they said that they are tired of the negativity constantly being spewed out there, and they want people to listen to their music and get something positive out of their music.  On February 22nd, they released their latest record entitled “Salvation”.  Fans can find Threatpoint at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  Take us into the Scranton, Pennsylvania music scene.

Chris:  There is definitely a music scene in Scranton,Pa. We have a diverse array of bands in our area for sure. You got your typical cover bands which are more than enough in most areas. We have maybe one or 2 tribute bands,. 

But most of the original bands tend to stick together. Cover/Tribute do their thing and we do ours. With that said, we sometimes do multi genre shows around here, especially benefits, this area is known to reach out and stick together in times of need, bringing all kinds of bands together. As for metal, which we roll with a lot of the bands here. You’ve got Slapjaw 20 years going, Beyond Fallen 15 years going, Prosody 7 or 8 years strong. Plus there’s a bunch of newer bands coming out like Black Horizon, good bunch of young cats…When we say Scranton, I think “the valley” which is Scranton, Carbondale, Pittston, Wilkes-Barre and the other little towns in between. Venues there’s a bunch around here,  which is a great thing, giving bands a place to play and fans and friends to come out to. You’ve got The V-spot, New Penny, and the Irish Wolf which have been around for years. Plus we have some new clubs opened up recently. Stage West, Finnigan’s Irish Rock Bar, and the Border Bar down the road a bit all hosting original music. So yea, Scranton and surrounding towns really have a solid music scene, where many towns in the U.S. can’t even say that.

Madness To Creation:  You have recently released the album for “Salvation”, take us into the album and what was the most challenging and rewarding part of the writing process.

Chris: Salvation officially dropped Feb 22nd this year, but we actually began writing that album back in fall of 2016 and the first song completed on scratch was Jan 2017. So, the writing took awhile. We encountered a line-up change in the process, so we took a step back. We decided getting our original bassist back was exciting, so Sam re-wrote all the bass lines and went in and recorded them. Also Some tough times, a divorce, some illness, we all got burnt out a bit from going strong since we started in 2012, we decided “screw it” and took 7 months off and didn’t do anything musically. People thought we quit…Yes, I guess it was a thought. We all hang out together outside of the band and do family things together, but just needed a break from it all. Finally we got back together and finished writing and recording Salvation. Having clear heads and kinda like a fresh attitude n start, we wrote some pretty cool songs. Funny being we went through about 40+ songs, different styles and vibes, trying to be this or that, or mix this or that then I went to see one of my favorite thrash bands play. Immediately I knew where I wanted to go with it, Back to the roots where it all began, Thrash Metal 101…High energy, Faster tempos, better vocals mixing clean and dirty along with harmonies, Grooves and Hooks and finally it was complete in the winter of 2018.

Madness To Creation:   Based on the band members, give us one personality trait for each member in the studio.

Chris: This is so funny, the studio, where the magic, the nonsense and the frustration all come together. CJ our beloved drummer, he starts off like “Gizmo” the cute little gremlin and then turns into “Stripe” that nasty wicked gremlin, he throws everyone out of the studio, wicked little creature he becomes! Alex, Alex is an absolute master in the studio, usually calm and focused, he makes it look easy…until the solos come, then you hear a bit of emotions LOL! Sam, Sam is a freakin machine in the studio. Plugs in that bass and then 3 days later he’s done with the whole CD. Me? When I track guitars I’m nervous, push the record button and the nerves just go crazy. It’s really crazy sometimes Joe would record me when I didn’t know it and get my best takes. Vocally, I feel a lot different, Some songs I know where I’m going and others I try and try and try, beat n repeat, fail and recover. Sometimes you think you got it all worked out and then you hear it back and it’s like scratch that and back to the drawing boards!

Madness To Creation:  What is one thing you feel you do well on with your instrument and one thing you feel you can work on as a musician?

Chris: Guitar,  I don’t practice a ton till it’s time to write, especially having Alex and now Greg on board, so let’s talk vocally. I’ve come along way since I started. I feel I have my screams and heavy vocals under control. Still learning, always learning how to better my vocals. Better range, blending a clean voice with the dirty one. Starting or ending lines so they pop more. I’ve been working on my harmonies much more. This album I’ve really pushed myself in the clean and harmonies area.

Madness To Creation:  What makes Threatpoint stand out from the rest?

Chris: I know we push ourselves on stage. We have a lot of energy up there. Interacting with the crowd, making them feel part of it. We don’t follow trends, or what the popular band is doing. We kinda just write what we feel is going to make people come alive. We defiantly have an old-school vibe to us.

Madness To Creation:  Give us one reason why we need to see Threatpoint in concert.

Chris:  We will not disappoint you. You will go home feeling you got your dollars worth!

Madness To Creation:  Which single do you plan on pushing for “Salvation”, and take us into that song?

Chris:  We just released the single lyric video “Save Your Apologies for God”, in a nutshell, this song has a very aggressive thrash opening riff from Alex. It never lets up.Its like a constant thrashing to the end. The song is about, You know when you give, give, give to someone and they just take,take,take, you finally have to wash your hands of the lies and letdowns and just turn it over to God and walk away.

Madness To Creation:  Anything else you would like to add in regards to Threatpoint.

Chris:  Yes, This year we officially signed up with Voodoo Queen Management out of Chicago. Yvonne Loveland is the queen bee, and she has been absolutely wonderful to us. For about the last year or so, she’s been working with us here and there, seeing what we are about, our work habits, our commitment and just getting to know us personally. Well, January 2019, she made us official. They are helping our name, opening new possibilities, taking us into Canada for the first time as well. Also this year we officially have added a second guitarist to our line-up. Greg Baczmarga, previously from Beyond Fallen. Greg went on hiatus to deal with life and what not, when he came back it really was like “hey, I wanted to say hi to you guys haven’t seen you in years”, and the next thing he gave it a shot and now is part of Threatpoint, feels like he’s been here for years, it works, it just really works!!!

Madness To Creation:  Thank you very much for your time to interview with me for Madness To Creation!

Chris:  Thank you for chatting with me, digging into some cool questions that sometimes don’t get asked. It’s nice to see how bands really tick inside!

And there you have it!  Threatpoint has some gigs coming up!  Check out gig dates below:

Thu. 3/28- Fubar in St. Louis, Missouri

Fri. 3/29- Clicks Live in Tyler, Texas (w/Mudd Flux and Crimson Thirst)

Fri. 4/26- People’s Pub in Saint Stephen, Canada (w/Engage The Threat and I, Monolith)

Sat. 4/27- The Cage in Lewiston, Maine (w/W.M.A.)

Sat. 5/4- The Topper Eatery & Saloon in Endicott, New York (w/DramaScream)

Fri. 5/10- The VSpot Bar in Scranton, Pennsylvania

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