This is not a test.  This is a real life scenario.  Grab your loved ones and tell them that you love them.  Indestructible Noise Command is here to brutalize and take over the metal scene with this Friday’s offering entitled “Terrible Things”.

Indestructible Noise Command partnered up with Nicky Bellmore at Dexter Labs Studios, who also produced their previous offering entitled “Black Hearse Serenade”.   The band came up with a concoction of punishing riffs, powerful lyrics and a 100% take no prisoners attitude with “Terrible Things”.

As thrash with hardcore elements should do, this album offers nothing but breakneck brutality with lyrics that range from a call to arms to unify as one to simply cutting the bullshit in life.  The opening track “Fist Go Rek”, is the perfect concert opener.  Circle pits will be induced at the breakneck speed of the song and “Fist Go Rek” makes for quite a fun gang vocal chant.  The skins are destroyed in “Pledge of Legions”, and “Declaration” feels like that fist-pumping rock anthem.

With “Terrible Things” Indestructible Noise Command is coming back to reclaim their place as the kings of the underground metal world.  This album is the mic drop as this band lays waste to the metal scene as they stand on top of the mountain with severed heads in their bloody hands.  This album will get your juices flowing with this 9 out of 10 star offering.  Here is the track listing:

  1.  Fist Go Rek
  2.  Identifier
  3.  Declaration
  4.  Terrible Things
  5.  Pledge of Legions
  6.  Unscathed
  7.  Bone Saw Ballet
  8.  Salmonella
  9.  Nemesis
  10.  Devil of Hearts

Fans can find INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND at the following locations:

3 thoughts on “(Album Review) “Terrible Things” by INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND

  1. Picked up the album …absolutely great. Can’t stop listening …..UNSCATHEEEEEAAAAAED
    Best bassist and vocals are great. So much power!

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