There goes Demon Hunter.  There they go again!  Sorry, I somehow had Sixpence None The Richer in my head, but man alive, this double-album just wrecks the soul in a messy, yet beautiful way.  On March 1st, the Solid State legends released a double album entitled “War” & “Peace” via Solid State Records.

Demon Hunter stole my heart with previous albums “Summer of Darkness”, “The Triptych”, “Storm The Gates of Hell” and “Outlive” by their jaw shattering riffs, heartfelt lyrics, and their sense of urgency to win over each listener with their offerings.  Led by Ryan Clark, Demon Hunter continues to write poetry that sounds like a modern day Lamentations from the Scriptures.

On the “War” album, the guitar solos are legendary and aplenty in songs such as “Grey Matter” and “Close Enough”.  The melodies are just pleasing to the ear and coupled with heartfelt lyrics, these songs cause the listener to grip their chest and just be at one with the songs.  There is a contrast with the brutality in the opening track “Cut To Fit” and “The Negative”.  “On My Side” is chest gripping as Demon Hunter writes their lyrics that appeal to those that are spiritually driven and those that are searching for the truth.

Now let’s talk about “Peace”.  “War” talks about the daily struggles that one might go through.  “Peace” offers that light and that encouragement on that path towards righteousness and forgiveness.

Demon Hunter starts off with the melodic track “More Than Bones”.  The lyric during the second verse is the kind of lyric that you want tattooed on your body or in your heart:  When fear is your messiah/weaponize your mind”.  The track feels worshipful and it feels like the listener discovered that light that is at the end of that dark tunnel.

“I Don’t Believe You” sounds like not giving into the lies and temptations of life.  We get immersed in instant gratification when we should be waiting patiently and for His timing.  My readers, things always work out in the end.  Demon Hunter and Madness To Creation want you to realize that.

“Loneliness” takes on a bluesy feeling about how we are never alone in this world.  The guitars are tinged with that blues feeling, and when they sing “Where is the fire you gave me/all the weight to remind me of all that we were/how long until I turn”, my heart had a sinking feeling as the song talks about falling away from the path.

Demon Hunter has taken the concept of spiritual warfare in a double disc album and crafted it masterfully.  The songs sound like confessions at the altar coupled with those feelings of daily struggle and trying to find hope in the miry clay.  Demon Hunter crafted a beautiful story with “War” & “Peace”.  I promise you, no matter what walk of life you are, you will get something beautiful out of this masterpiece.  Madness To Creation is honored to have listened to the metal album of 2019 with this 10 out of 10 star offering.  Here is the track listing:

“War” track listing:

  1.  Cut To Fit
  2.  On My Side
  3.  Close Enough
  4.  Unbound
  5.  Grey Matter
  6.  The Negative
  7.  Ash
  8.  No Place For You Here
  9.  Leave Me Alone
  10.  Lesser Gods

“Peace” Track Listing:

  1.  More Than Bones
  2.  I Don’t Believe You
  3.  Loneliness
  4.  Peace
  5.  When The Devil Come
  6.  Time Only Takes
  7.  Two Ways
  8.  Recuse Myself
  9.  Bet My Life
  10.  Fear Is Not My Guide

Fans can find DEMON HUNTER at the following locations:

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