LA-based solo artist Vaines is dropping his first new track of 2019. A genre-blending song for fans of nothing, nowhereblackbear, and GOLDN, “Medicine” is premiering exclusively on Substream Magazine. Stream it now, here:
This song is kind of an interesting look at a relationship I’ve written about before,” Vaines shares.”It’s less about the toxic parts of the relationship itself, but the negative things I took away from it and how it affected future connections with people.
He continues: “Musically it’s a great example of all of my influences. One minute you’re listening to a moody r&b breakup song and then boom: guitar solo. If you’re confused about whether you should dance or headbang, I’ve done my job.
Jared Gaines (under the moniker Vaines) grew up splitting time between his mom in the small town of Ogdensburg, NY, and his in Toledo, OH, with his aunt and uncle. His childhood was tumultuous, and his relationship with his mom remains strained due to her drug addiction.
As a coping mechanism Gaines developed a goofy, over-the-top personality. He let his loneliness lead to creativity and put that energy into writing music and being involved in the local music scene.
In 2017 Vaines crossed the country to sleep at a buddy’s house in Los Angeles, before deciding to make LA his home. It was there that he began writing, recording, and tracking songs in his bedroom with just $200 worth of home studio equipment.
“Medicine” showcases Vaines’ dark, ethereal bedroom pop vibe and, with more music in the works, 2019 is already promising to be his biggest year yet.
VAINES also did a write-up and a Spotify Playlist exclusively with Madness To Creation.  Check out what Jared Gaines aka VAINES had to say below:
This playlist is really unique, I think I knocked this one out of the park. It kind of tells a story of how different artists use their style to create a mood. This is something I would listen to when I start to feel less grounded in my artistry, which happens sometimes. I’m an absolute slut for guitar and it’s really cool to hear the use of the that in these tracks, as well as the overall composition of the songs. When I was writing “Medicine” I was stuck on a few parts and I just whipped up a couple quick playlists like this to help me get through the block. There’s some solid new tracks that I found just scrolling through Fresh Finds like “I Don’t Care” by Hello Yello and “sponge” by CLAY, as well as some classics sprinkled in there. I always like to end my playlists with Purple Rain if I can, it’s just one of the greatest songs ever written and has such a great theatrical close, it makes people think I’m good at making playlists.- Jared “VAINES Gaines

Check out his playlist here and add it to your Spotify!

Fans can find VAINES at the following locations:

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