Out of Brussels, Belgium comes a three-piece band that effortlessly mixies punk, stoner, doom, and a touch of sludge metal in their music and that band is Missiles Of October.  They kindly reached out to us and since they were so kind, we are reviewing their 2016 release entitled “Better Days”.

Missiles Of October is composed of Lionel Beyet on bass/vocals, Bob Seytor on drums, and Mathias salas on guitars/vocals.  They combine gutteral screaming with the chaos behind garage punk, and at times they incorporate post-grunge and doom/sludge into their music.  They have played at various venues in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, and are poised to begin taking over the charge in Western Europe and beyond.

The album combines the garage punk with the uptempo rhythms in songs such as “State of Crisis”, “Better Days”, and “Problems”.  Missiles Of October allow the listener to unpack another layer into this trio with the sludgy/prog arrangements in tracks such as “No Brain No Headache” and “Everyday”.  The guitars shred hard like barbed wire on skin, and the rhythm section sludges through like quicksand while pounding through like a jackhammer in the same token.

Overall, this is a solid record to listen to from front to back.  There is enough diversity in the arrangements to make it palatable for those that are into punk, doom, post-grunge, and sludge.  There isn’t really one track that would stick out as a single, it’s just a solid listen the whole way through.  Madness To Creation gives this album a decent 7 out of 10 stars.  This record is for you if you’re fans of groups like Fugazi, Jesus Lizard, and Sonic Youth  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  State of Crisis
  2.  No brain no headache
  3.  Satisfaction in nothing
  4.  Better Days
  5.  Everyday
  6.  Loser
  7.  Chainsaw
  8.  Problems
  9.  Blah-blah-blah
  10.  Two feet in sludge

On Saturday, March 30th, Missiles Of October will be sharing the stage with Atomic Vulture, The Purplemachine, and Dezzert at Koersepeerd in Brugge, Belgium.  For tickets and further information on the gig, click here.

Fans can find MISSILES OF OCTOBER at the following locations:



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