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Tree No Leaves is

Dustin Galish- keys & vox,

Calvin Cordy- guitar,

JP Stebal- drums,

Billy Gruber-percussion,

Devonte Stovall- bass,

Garrett Tanner- saxophones

One part funk, one part LSD, two parts talent, and with a heaping tablespoon of Americana, Tree No Leaves feels like their on a quest to help us get off our asses to move and groove.  I was lucky enough to talk with the band and learn a little more about what makes them tick.  Fans can find Tree No Leaves at the following locations:

People have been making psychedelic funky blues inspired music for over 60 years, what do you feel Tree No Leaves brings to the table?  How are you innovating the genre?


-Billy; i don’t know if you can innovate a genre like psychedelia as its always been fairly quick to make an influence out of other genres (be it blues rock, rhythm & blues, or the various cultural musics that have been incorporated), but i guess what makes tree no leaves different is our reverence to musics typically ignored on the more rock side of the psychedelic scene like hip hop & electronic dance music. yes there are psychedelic pockets within those musical cultures but you don’t hear as much of it influencing your typical jam band whereas at times, we are almost hyperfocused on these sonic palettes.


Dustin – For me what makes us different is the various influences and genres that the band is able to incorporate into the psychedelia sound. We all come from very different backgrounds musically so I feel our sound uses a different palette than many other bands in our genre/scene. Nothing is really off limits to explore when it comes to sounds. Genre dissolving.


Who are some of your modern influences?  

-Billy; Knxwledge, Ibeyi, conguero Pedrito Martinez, taiko player Isaku Kageyama, Frank Mocha, Kid Cudi

Dustin – Chicano Batman, LCD Soundsystem, Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Alabama Shakes, Radiohead

What was the recording process like for Prophet Holographic?  

-Billy; Exciting, we were lucky enough to connect with Shawn Daley at Sandusky Ohio’s Mohawk Studio so we got to work in this beautifully inspiring church he has turned into a recording space.


Dustin – A one of a kind experience in a 170 year old church. So much history in the studio and the space itself was an additional band member. We used the actual reverb in the space for effects and stayed away from a lot of post production to let the sound be as raw/real as possible.


I love the vocal effects you use on Country Funk, it has a very Black Keys vibe.  How did you achieve that effect?

Dustin – This effect is created with a slap back delay technique. It tricks the ear into hearing almost two vocal layers for one vocal performance. It’s something that the Black Keys use very well and is something common in modern and classic production.


What’s next for you this year?  What do you have coming up?

Billy; We have a residency in our hometown of Bowling Green at Howard’s Club H the next few months (until August) and we’re gonna try to travel and share our music with the people & places we have yet to meet!


Dustin – Looking to continue to promote our latest record/vinyl Prophet Holographic by playing shows locally and regionally. We will be looking to record some new material in the spring and perhaps release a handful of singles over the year.

And there you have it!  Tree No Leaves have a couple official gigs outside of their residency coming up in April.  Check out the gig dates below:

Fri. 4/5- Grounds For Thought in Bowling Green, Ohio (w/Violent Bloom and Honey Monsoon)

Sat. 4/20- Synesthetic 4/20 Oil Spill at Howard’s Club H in Bowling Green, Ohio

For tickets and further information, click here.


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