It could be said that the indie/pop-rock trio out of Sweden is one of the most fun groups to listen to live.  Peter Bjorn and John absolutely lit up the packed house at The Garage in London, United Kingdom with their fun, infectious energy coupled with their innate ability to win over their audience.

Peter Bjorn and John is definitely finding their way through the indie/pop-rock world with their infectious arrangements, fun loving personalities, and their tremendous gift to just write a catchy melody with quality hooks laced within the melodies.  Case in point, the crowd was moving and grooving all night long to songs such as “Let’s Call It Off”, “Far Away, By My Side”, and “Gut Feeling”.  Their songs are lighthearted, yet have elements of truth and universal appeal.  Peter Bjorn and John showcase what is missing in the pop rock world, and that’s the spirit that allows the audience to forget about their troubles for the evening and sometimes to just dance when life gets you down.

The audience was moved as Peter Bjorn and John even became one with the audience on a couple of occasions throughout this evening.  They closed off the night with four songs in the encore including “Breakin’ Point”, “Young Folks”, “Up Against The Wall”, and their crowd pleaser “Lies”, leaving the audience completely satisfied with an evening with Peter Bjorn and John.  Here is the setlist:

  1.  Let’s Call It Off
  2.  Far Away, By My Side
  3.  Gut Feeling
  4.  Living A Dream
  5.  Eyes
  6.  Sick and Tired
  7.  Dark Ages
  8.  In This Town
  9.  Wrapped Around the Axle
  10.  One for the Team
  11.  Dig A Little Deeper
  12.  Teen Love (The Concretes cover)
  13.  Teenage Kicks (The Undertones cover)
  14.  Second Chance
  15.  Objects of My Affection


1.  Breakin’ Point

2.  Young Folks

3.  Up Against The Wall

4.  Lies


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Peter Bjorn And John is continuing on the “Darker Days 2019 Tour”.  Check out the gigs below:

Wed. 3/13- Gare de Lion in Gallen, Switzerland

Thu. 3/14- Locomotiv Club in Bologna, Italy

Fri. 3/15- Kino Siska in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sat. 3/16- A38 Hajo in Budapest, Hungary

Fri. 3/29- N3Bectnr Hall in Moscow, Russia

Wed. 4/24- The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thu. 4/25- White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas

Fri. 4/26- 3Ten Austin City Limits Live in Austin, Texas

Sat. 4/27- Club Dada in Dallas, Texas

Tue. 4/30- Venue in Vancouver, Canada

Thu. 5/2- Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon

Sun. 5/5- The Irenic in San Diego, California

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find PETER BJORN AND JOHN at the following locations:

  • Photo Credit:  Eva Dang Photography

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