Editor’s Note: Omaha-based Awaiting Eli, is an outstanding, diverse radio rock band comprised of multi-talented individuals whose passion and dedication to perfect their craft  becomes evident in the music they impart. The band announces their new single, “Unfiltered” from their upcoming album Home, due out later this year. They have already attracted multiple radio stations for airplay, including  89.7 The River, The Cutting Edge of Rock, The Edge 92.9 Radio Station, OKC’s Rock Alternative Radio Station, KJAG Radio and Jiggy Jaguar Show.


Awaiting Eli serves its name well. Eli is a Hebrew word meaning “height.” To this band, Awaiting Eli’s name functions as a motivation to take their music to a greater height. They are always pushing themselves to consistently grow in their craft, go higher and higher, and never stop. Over the years, Awaiting Eli feature members that are pulled from a myriad of various influences including Alice in Chains, Sevendust, Chevelle, Def Leppard, Alter Bridge, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses and many other greats.


Eric Tomes, Bobby Braz, Justin Essink and Carlos Garcia are best known for their  skills sets as they have stormed the music industry with their talent and charisma. They released their debut album, Lifeless, in August 2015. They are a solid touring band that has a large fan base and backlog of original songs that will keep them coming out with records for years to come.  


Shortly after finishing recording the first album, Awaiting Eli hit the road. The band spent the later part of 2014 through the end of 2016 touring the US, playing shows almost every night. Eric Tomes (singer, songwriter and guitarist) spent a small portion of time in the band Apollo Under Fire with Peter Klett of Candlebox. Over the years of performing in venues of various levels, Awaiting Eli has shared the stage with many of the industry’s top performers like Smile Empty Soul, Eve 6, Tantric, Gemini Syndrome, Saliva, Autograph, Sidewise, Lola Black and many others.

Eric Tomes of Awaiting Eli supplied us with his Spotify playlist.  Check out songs by Bring Me The Horizon, P.O.D., Filter, Sevendust, Alice In Chains, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Candlebox, and Silverchair here.

Fans can find AWAITING ELI at the following locations:



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