Editor’s Note:  Indestructible Noise Command is a band that should be at the forefront of the thrash/hardcore metal world, but they choose to define what it means to be underground.  I get the vibe from the band that they would be just as content destroying basements at DIY-house venues as they would performing at Wacken or Hellfest overseas.  The band has released their ferocious album entitled “Terrible Things” to some rave reviews, and they have some serious irons in the fire.  In the meantime, guitarist Erik Barath of Indestructible Noise Command sat down with Madness To Creation to discuss the album, what he feels that he can work on as a musician, and taking no prisoners while on stage.  Fans can find Indestructible Noise Command at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:   I love the “take no prisoners” attitude of INC, take us into the mindset when you go out on stage!

Erik:  We’ve always had an attitude that people pay money to see us live and actually take time out of their lives for a show, well damn it, we’re going to give them one. We’ve always been about the live experience and continue to push ourselves to make sure people go home and don’t forget about us.

Madness To Creation:  How does it feel to completely do things your own way without the confines of a record label?

Erik:  It feels really good to be honest. We didn’t like how Black Hearse Serenade was released and promoted. The roll out for an album is just as important as the music itself. You fuck that part up and all the hard work that went into it can really go to waste. This time we did it ourselves and I am managing shit and this time things are smooth and our reach and visibility are far greater.

Madness To Creation:  Take us into the East Coast thrash scene, what is amazing about your fan base and scene?

Erik:  To be honest, there really isn’t much of an east coast thrash scene anymore. If you look at it in general, thrash in the US is a little on the dormant side. Other than Overkill and Municipal Waste there aren’t a whole lot of old school thrashers on the east coast unless I am missing something.

Madness To Creation:  LOVE the song “Fist Go Rek”, take us into that song!

Erik:  That was the first track I wrote. It came to me while sitting in an airport during layover. Very simple, straight to the point, aggressive but yet has a feeling of a good time with a dose of violence. Sort of set the tone for the rest of the record.

Madness To Creation:  One thing you feel you excel at as a musician and one thing you feel you can work on.

Erik:  I’ve always been very self conscious about my lead playing. I never considered myself a great lead player. I think I am just clever enough to come up with a few tricks that I can manipulate a thousands ways and make good use of them. I wish I could be much better but the problem for me is, when I sit down to practice scales, picking techniques, arpeggios, I get bored too easily and start writing because that is where I feel very confident. I can write all day long. That is my strength and I feel comfortable creating songs.

Madness To Creation:  What gets you jacked up in life?

Erik:  Money, bitches, fast cars…..HAHHA, just kidding. I still get off on starting out with a couple of riff and then hearing the final product such as the new album. I always hear a final product in my head and I have to try to convey what that sounds like to the rest of the guys, so when we have a finished product and it sounds even better than it did in my head, I get a real rush. Playing live in front of a crowd that still remembers the words to songs we’ve written over 3 decades ago is a real trip as well.

Madness To Creation:  What was the most challenging and rewarding thing about the writing process for “Terrible Things”?

Erik:  My challenge  is to never write the same album twice. I find it a thrill to constantly reinvent ourselves just a little bit. I felt this time around I went back to my roots. Where I started so many moons ago. I found my hardcore and thrash roots really bursting out after so many years, like fine case of herpes. The final result, I think, is our best since coming back nearly 10 years ago.

Madness To Creation:  What are the plans for Indestructible Noise Command for the rest of the year?

Erik:  We for sure want to play some big shows. I am working the festivals now. We will also be looking for a new booking agent, we really want to get over to Europe. In all the decades, we’ve never toured Europe and it’s a shame. They have such a love and appreciation for old school metal. We will push harder than ever on this album and I can promise you, it WON’T be 5 years before the next album.

Madness To Creation:  Thank you for your time to interview with me for Madness To Creation!

Erik:  Thanks for the support and the kick ass review!

And there you have it!  Go pick up a copy of “Terrible Things” wherever music is sold, and check out our review of the album here.

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