This past Friday, Punk Laramie, Wyoming’s own TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET unleashed this sexy beast of a record called “Stay Rad”.  They want you to “Stay Rad” by saying screw all the damn trends and you just be completely yourself with that punk snarl.

This album is extremely catchy and extremely fun to listen to.  Anytime you hear the lyric, “I want to do something before my balls shrivel up and die/I need some fun and adventure and you wanna know why/I got a wild hair across my ass”, you just can’t help but sing along and have a good time to their music.  The thing is, aside from their many serious lyrics is some sick musicianship as Miguel grooves you to death on bass so hard that if his bass was Mortal Kombat, he’d be committing fatalities on yo’ ass.  The guitars drive you harder and faster than Princess Diana’s chauffeur fleeing the paparazzi, and Kody and Ray have more snarl than Doyle after a meet and greet session with annoying fans. Now that is a snarl!

You want to call your mom for some bagel bites and some day old burritos due to the awesomeness of the tracks “I Wanna Be A Dog” and “Creature of the Black Metal Lagoon”.  Just think, after your removing those satisfying ingrown hairs that are infested in your skin, imagine this album being the soundtrack to your existence as you’re removing said hairs.  See the satisfaction that Teenage Bottlerocket gives me!

You will be more satisfied than an episode of Dr. Pimple Popper after listening to this beast of a record.  It is such a beast that hunters of Sasquatch are dancing gleefully in their vans down by the river.  Madness To Creation gives this a 9 out of square root of 100 star rating.  If you don’t know the square root of 100, get out your calculator.  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  You Don’t Get The Joke
  2.  Death Kart
  3.  Everything To Me
  4.  I Wanna Be A Dog
  5.  Night of the Knuckleheads
  6.  Creature from the Black Metal Lagoon
  7.  Anti-Social Media
  8.  Wild Hair (Across My Ass)
  9.  The First Time That I Did Acid Was The Last Time That I Did Acid
  10.  I Want To Kill Clint Carlin
  11.  I’ll Kill You Tomorrow
  12.  Stupid Song
  13.  Little Kid
  14.  I Never Knew

Teenage Bottlerocket has a few U.S. gigs coming up with Pegboy and Tightwire.  Check out the gig dates below:

Wed. 3/27- Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, Colorado

Thu. 3/28- The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fri. 3/29- Laramie Center in Laramie, Wyoming

Sat. 3/30- The Marquis in Denver, Colorado

Sun. 3/31- Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, Colorado

Teenage Bottlerocket also has some gigs in South Africa and Europe coming up:

Thu. 4/18- Prison House of Rebels in Cape Town, South Africa

Fri. 4/19- Sundowners in Johannesburg, South Africa

Sat. 4/20- The Winston Pub in Durban, South Africa

Mon. 4/22- DESI in Nuremberg, Germany

Tue. 4/23- Molotow Musikclub in Hamburg, Germany

Wed. 4/24- Cassiopeia Club in Berlin, Germany

Thu. 4/25- Bierschinken Festival FZW in Dortmund, Germany

Fri. 4/26- Mephisto in Hannover, Germany

Sat. 4/27- Groezrock in Meerhout, Belgium

Sun. 4/28- Alte Hackerei in Karlsruhe, Germany

Mon. 4/29- HT Factory in Milan, Italy

Tue. 4/30- Rock Town in Cordenons, Italy

Wed. 5/1- SBAM Fest in Wels, Austria

Teenage Bottlerocket will have some gigs with Nerf Herder and Tightwire in the United States:

Tue. 5/21- Blue Lamp in Sacramento, California

Wed 5/22- Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, California

Thu. 5/23- Constellation Room in Santa Ana, California

Fri. 5/24- The Casbah in San Diego, California

Sat. 5/25- Troubadour in Los Angeles, California

Mon. 5/27- Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas, Nevada

Teenage Bottlerocket Summer European Dates:

Sun. 8/4- Rebellion Fest in Blackpool, United Kingdom

Mon. 8/5- Nice N Sleazy in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Tue. 8/6- New Cross Inn in London, United Kingdom

Wed. 8/7- Gibus Club in Paris, France

Thu. 8/8- Werk21 in Zurich, Switzerland

Fri. 8/9- Punk Rock Holiday in Tolmin, Slovenia

Sat. 8/10- Schlachthof in Hollabrunn, Austria

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here.

Fans can find TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET at the following locations:

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