Editor’s Note:  We have been hitting on some industrial music as of late as William of New Dark Ages PR has been introducing us to some intriguing artists.  Such is the case with GoMa, who has recently released “Los Side Effects” via Bandcamp.  GoMa has given away his release via the “name your price” feature.  This is more of a getting to know feature on an up and coming artist, as you will learn about his challenges and accomplishments as a musician along with his major influences in music.  Fans can find GoMa at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  Take us into “Los Side Effects”.

GoMa:  I always wanted to make a fun song. Something new but retro with the punch of a 90’s song, but I did not want to break my head on synth lines or layered drums and lyrically it was a no brainer – kinda like a kids singalong song.
When it was done I wasn’t sure it was done, and it felt a bit empty so when I heard Chris Bollinger’s voice on the Varicella – Dead is Better album, I thought, hmmm, this can be interesting. So I sent him over the song and when he got it back to me, I was like there it is that’s what it was missing! That’s pretty much it.
And the meaning of the lyrics could be used however anybody wants. It can be the side effects of every day life that gets you feeling crazy or a girlfriend a boyfriend whatever your into. Feel free to use it…and Chris wrote his own lyrics to his part! So we would have to ask him what those meant.

Madness To Creation:  Why the name your price feature via Bandcamp?

GoMa:  I wanted everyone to be able to have it, or get it if they’d really like it. So we made it free to the fans!

Madness To Creation:  Three biggest influences in your music.

GoMa:  I have a lot – even if an artist that influenced me only had one song or an album or even a movie could influence me. But what I consider my all time high influences are Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson and a Mexican band called The Volture from Monterrey.

Madness To Creation:  Most challenging and rewarding aspect about creating music in the studio.

GoMa:  Mixing vocals, it’s a bit challenging but other then that I think the creative accidents are the most rewarding. What I mean is when you do something to the song that was not planned or even thought of and it sounds amazing!

Madness To Creation:  One thing you feel you do well and one thing you want to work on.

GoMa: I think I do well with coming up with drum beats & guitar riffs. I’m the type a dude that sits in front of the computer with a synth to my left and a guitar to my right, and I will come up with something right there. I zone in and my cell phone goes silent and I become one with the moment.  I need to work on letting other people help me produce, mix and master the songs. In all aspects on that, to stop being selfish. But then again, a lot of us musicians are!

Madness To Creation:  Plans for GoMa for the rest of the year and what else would you like to add?

GoMa: Well I’m almost done with the next album. I’m considering it my best work yet. I just got one more song to go, then I will be sending files to the one and only Michael Haggerty from the electronic band Krebs, who will be mixing and mastering and all that good stuff. The release date, I don’t know yet, maybe towards the end on the year but it could be sooner / could be later. That is something the label owner Chris and I have to figure out, but it will be so worth it dudes!  I personally would like to invite people to check out all of the other artists on Machine Man Records. We are all different and each project has its vision and its moments, and I’m happy to be part of that family!  I wanna thank a few people too – my brother Ed, Kevin Snell, Chris Bollinger and Steve Thomas-Green and all the MMR bands!

Madness To Creation:  Thank you for your time to interview with me for Madness To Creation.

GoMa:  Thank you for taking the time and interviewing me!

And there you have it!  Follow GoMa on Facebook and his MySpace page for all the latest news and happenings!


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