I’ll tell you what!  I love the 1970 design of the new Topps Heritage!  It was a decent blaster as I pulled a couple of short prints and a numbered card to 567.  The design is sleek and what else I like is that it is easy to identify the variations of the cards.  Topps Heritage is notorious for their error, color swap, and other variations.  They tell you the type of variation that you can get below the card, which is certainly appreciated.  I certainly will be collecting the set of this.  I’m not a big set collector, however I want to go for the set!  Plus, I thought it would be appropriate to post on this day, given that Mike Trout is on the front of the blaster box and he signed a 12 year $430 million dollar extension with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim today.  Check out the unboxing below!


Specifications:  7 packs plus one extra pack.

Suggest retail: $19.99

Look for short prints, parallels, real one autographs, and clubhouse collection relics.

Wal-Mart has the exclusive cloth sticker cards, which I have found to be one per box.

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