Out of Glasgow, Scotland is a band that is prepared to annihilate as you drudge through a pit of quicksand.  That band is known as From Sorrow To Serenity and this Friday, they will be releasing “Reclaim” via Long Branch Records.

From Sorrow To Serenity is composed of Gaz King on vocals, Steven Jones on guitar/vocals, Andrew Simpson on bass, and Ian Baird on drums.  They combine the feeling of sludge, with elements of mathematics, a bit of djent, and some urgency and chaos into their brand of metal.

Upon listening to this record, you will notice that From Sorrow To Serenity has chunkier riffs than a fat slob in mom’s basement that is steroid’ed up by a mix of mathcore Norma Jean and djent-y Meshuggah riffs in “Denounce”.  The track has that vibe that they don’t come here to piss around and fiddle-fart around, they came here to lay it on thick like  carbs that are slathered in a stick of butter.

From Sorrow To Serenity unpacks another layer into their music as they showcase elements of melody in the title track and “Perpetrator”.  The rhythm section comes at you like a freight train that runs on heavy diesel powerful fuel combined with that HIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH VOLTAGE!!!!!!  Sorry had to channel a bit of AC/DC there.

The beauty about this band is that it doesn’t sound the least bit generic or forced, which has been the demise of the vast majority of metalcore/djent/mathematics metal these days.  From Sorrow To Serenity has that moxie and that emotion to tear down walls and to cause people to take notice with “Reclaim”.  They’ve recovered the ball where a lot of metalcore bands have fumbled at the goalline as of late and returning it for a pick six with this monster of an effort.  The horns are going up as this monster of an album gets a 9 out of 10 star rating.  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Denounce
  2.  We Are Liberty
  3.  Reclaim
  4.  Alight
  5.  Perpetrator
  6.  Solitude
  7.  Unity Asunder
  8.  Inside A Soul
  9.  Supremacy
  10.  7
  11.  Resurgence

FROM SORROW TO SERENITY has several gigs lined up in Japan.  Check out the gig dates below:

Wed. 5/15- early believers in Tenjun Chuo

Fri. 5/17- Varon in Osaka

Sat. 5/18- clubKnot in Toyohashi

Sun. 5/19- cyclone in Shibuy

Mon. 5/20- Sendai MACANA in Sendai

For tickets and further information, click here.

Fans can find FROM SORROW TO SERENITY at the following locations:



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