Editor’s Note:  Despite calling themselves “the embodiment of negative energy, housed in a sentient construct”, TERRORBYTE‘s future is looking bright for them due to their brand of industrial metal with cinematic elements into their music and into their stage show.  Terrorbyte sits down with Madness To Creation to discuss what makes them click as a band, the influence Slipknot has had on their music career, their music video for “Worldstar”, and their upcoming release entitled “Crimewave”.  Fans can find Terrorbyte at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  Take us into the “Worldstar” music video, what was the most fun and most challenging aspect about creating this music video?

The Poltergeist:  The most challenging aspect for this video was being in public, in broad daylight, wearing masks, waving guns around, without drawing unwanted attention.

Madness To Creation:  Terrorbyte is in the process of releasing “Crimewave”, take us into the writing process of a Terrorbyte song, and what can fans expect from the album?

The Poltergeist:  The writing process is very organic — someone will come up with an instrumental verse or chorus, or loop, and then I’ll take it and go for a walk — I’ll put my headphones on and walk for hours, and see what it stirs up in me. When I track vocals, I reflect and meditate a lot on everything I’m going through, everything and everywhere the messages, lyrics and tracks are coming from, and I let go and let everything come out — I believe if it isn’t sincere, then you shouldn’t be doing it. There have been times where we’ve taken breaks from tracking for a few days or weeks because the intensity of the energy was getting so overwhelming that it was affecting our mental health — but that’s a good thing — that’s how you know they’re going to feel it — expect to feel this album in your fucking chest.

Madness To Creation:  In the studio, tell us one personality trait of each member of Terrorbyte and what keeps the band pushing to create music?

The Poltergeist: The Poltergeist (vocals): A very, very intense person, and an evil genius.

The Distortionist (drums): highly analytical, hyper-intelligent.

David Prime (bass): The one that keeps everything fun and reminds us of the other reasons we’re doing this when things get heated.

Hated (lead guitar): Very eerie, uncanny and abstract personality. Can be pretty funny at times, but in a way that makes you nervous — think of a serial killer, telling you a really funny joke.

Ghost Drone (guitar): New recruit…

Shieldsy (electronics/DJ): Party animal.

Meat Head (ghost drone / stage show): Loyal.

Noraa: (Ghost Drone / stage show): Electrifying. Without this one, our stage show would be cut in half.

Madness To Creation:  Complete this sentence.  The moment where you knew you wanted to play music was when…
The Poltergeist:  In all seriousness, probably the moment I became conscious. It’s a conscious thought and feeling that’s been with me as far back as I can remember. I’ve always known this is what I am supposed to do.
Madness To Creation:  One band you would tour with alive or dead and why?
The Poltergeist:  The original lineup of Slipknot, for so many reasons. As far as I’m concerned, the beginning of TERRORBYTE was the moment I got Slipknot’s debut album as a teenager — the fire that has kept me alive and fighting for this dream, was lit that very day. Also, Linkin Park with Chester Bennington — as equal of an influence on this project as the Knot, and when Chester died, so did the dream of getting to perform along side him someday, which we all fully intended to make happen. Somehow.
Madness To Creation:  If you could only play in one city or country for the rest of your life where would you play?
The Poltergeist:  RUSSIA. BIG shout out to ALEX SHADE who has done so much for this band on the Russian front.
Madness To Creation:  Plans for Terrorbyte for the summer?
The Poltergeist:  We’ll see!
Madness To Creation:  Lastly, describe Terrorbyte using a movie title or book title and giving you the floor to add anything you want to add.

The Poltergeist: 13 GHOSTS (maybe if we add another member or 2…)Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/terrorbyteband and big shout-out to TAG Publicity — www.tagpublicity.com

And there you have it!  Shoutout to The Poltergeist of Terrorbyte for taking the time to interview with us, and please stay current on their social media pages for all the latest news and happenings of Terrorbyte!

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