Out of Toulouse, France comes a melodic death metal band that mixes death metal, symphonic metal, Slavic traditional music, and bits of black metal.  On March 22nd, France’s Aephanemer released their latest album entitled “Prokopton”.

Aephanemer is composed of Martin Hamiche on lead guitars, Marion Bascoul on vocals/rhythm guitars, Lucie Woaye Hune on bass, and Mickael Bonnevialle on drums.  Their fanbase is rapidly growing due to their attention to detail in their songwriting and their innate ability to mix Scandinavian metal with elements of symphonic and black metal into their songs.  In 2018, Aephanemer also won the Wacken Metal France contest which allotted them a festival appearance at the famed Wacken Festival in Germany and they were also finalists in the “Voice of Hell” contest for Hellfest 2018.

The album kicks off with the title track and they immediately showcase their unique blending of symphonic arrangements, with death/black metal and sleek guitar work displayed by Hamiche and Bascoul.  Bascoul’s vocals sound like a mix of Dimmu Borgir with viking metal giants Amon Amarth thrown into the mix.  In the track “The Sovereign”, symphonic/classical arrangements add a really sweet touch to the mix, which makes the song take on that epic feel that is necessary in the death metal world.  It mixes so cleanly with the driving rhythm section led by Hune on basss and Bonnevialle on the drums.

Overall, based on the arrangements and Aephanemer’s innate ability to craft a song, the future is looking bright for this band out of France.  Madness To Creation strongly urges you to pick up a copy of “Prokopton” as Aephanemer takes you on a journey through this album.  I give this album a solid 7.5/10 star rating.  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Prokopton
  2.  The Sovereign
  3.  Dissonance Within
  4.  Snowblind
  5.  At Eternity’s Gate
  6.  Back Again
  7.  Bloodline
  8.  If I Should Die
  9.  Prokopton (Instrumental)
  10.  The Sovereign (Instrumental)
  11.  Dissonance Within (Instrumental)
  12.  Snowblind (Instrumental)
  13.  At Eternity’s Gate (Instrumental)
  14.  Back Again (Instrumental)
  15.  Bloodline (Instrumental)
  16.  If I Should Die (Instrumental)

Fans can check out Aephanemer at the following gig dates:

Sat. 4/13- La Scene Michelet in Nantes, France

Fri. 4/19- Rock n Eat in Lyon, France

Sat. 4/27- Fort Metal Fest in Saint-ciergues, France

Sat. 5/4- Kabaal Am Gemaal in Wageningen, Netherlands

Fri. 5/10- La Voute in Bordeaux, France

Sat. 5/18- ARMMA Festival in Albacete, Spain

Fri. 5/24- Metronum in Toulouse, France

Fri. 5/31- Secret Place in Saint-jean-de-vedas, France

Sat. 7/13- Fest-Evil-Verein in Borgentreich, Germany

Sat. 7/27- Rock a Block in Le Girouard, France

For tickets and further information on any of the gigs listed above, click here.

Fans can find Aephanemer at the following locations:





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