In November 2018, Los Angeles “space-pop” artist Polartropica released the music video for “Wild Lyfe”.  It is one of the most trippy videos I have ever seen.

The video combines this lady wearing a skin-tight purple outfit and it appears she is doing some pantomime work in order to tell a story while at some time of costume party.  The visual effects are lush as I love the contrast between the synthetic instruments and traditional Asian instruments that Polartropica incorporates into her music.

The song mixes AM radio pop with elements of soft rock and classical music.  It is certainly a hodgepodge of music.  It is certainly a colorful video with the facepaint, the feathers, and the lush background that provides a beautiful setting into the video.  The song is different in the sense that it’s a mix of psychedelic pop of the 1960’s with synth-pop of today.  Polartropica is an artists we need to look out for.  I wanted the video to tell more of a story, it’s just too random for my liking, but the song is decent.  Madness To Creation rates this a 6 out of 10 stars.

Fans can find POLARTROPICA at the following locations:

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