Editor’s Note:  Tonight is a special night for one Rachel Lorin.  She is livestreaming her gig via RYouLive www.ryoulive.com, which is commencing at The Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, California in preparation of her upcoming album “Worship”.  The RYouLive gig will be offered for free after the show via I-Tunes and Google Play.  On April 11th, Rachel Lorin will be performing a Berlin Under A in New York.  Later on this year, she will be releasing her album.  Rachel was kind enough to sit down and chat with Madness To Creation on relationship advice, what inspires her as an artist, and what makes her tick.  Check out her socials at the end of this interview.  

Madness To Creation:  You have some new music coming out, how have you grown as a musician the past couple of years?

Rachel:  I’ve grown a lot!  My tastes in music have changed quite a bit, even when I’m inspired it’s changed a lot!  I’ve always loved rock music, as you know, I’ve been through quite a lot of changes in my whole life.  I started as a Broadway singer, then as a pop/dance singer, then a rock singer, now I’m going the alternative route.  I’ve never actually been as happy as I am with my music.  I feel like I’m saying the stuff that I want to say, and I’m very excited to release it, I feel like that it’s the most honest thing with this release, and I hope everyone gets that!

Madness To Creation:  What inspires you most as an artist?

Rachel:  I’m inspired by a lot of things!  Other artists for one, I do love twenty one pilots and Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, and Imagine Dragons, they are all great, they’re all wonderful.  As far as inspiring me as an artist, I would say life events, for example I went through a very dark phase after a breakup, like everyone does, and it was my first love, was with him for six years, it was very hard and even though I ended it, it still took a toll, it was brutal!  Also, wanting to help others is what inspires me the most as an artist because I feel like I can help and I can share what I’ve been through and to let people know that you can rise above it, it’s never the end when something bad happens to you, you’re always able to overcome it!

Madness To Creation:  What are some things you do to help with your mental health and wellness?

Rachel:  I do a lot of things!  I do take a lot of baths!  I don’t know why, but when I feel like I’m in the bathtub, and I have music blasting, I can just stay in there for an hour, I also do love to dance, and that’s often an escape for me.  It might sound cheesy and cliche, but I feel like starting my day and ending my day with music is my number one thing, it might sound forced, but I get agitated and moody if I don’t if I don’t have my music fix, I feel like it mentally clears my head when I escape and listen to other people’s art.

Madness To Creation:  Fun question for you.  What is the first CD or cassette tape that you owned?

Rachel:  Growing up, I had parents that really loved old school stuff.  They would play Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest, and stuff that is not radio friendly, so I was having a lot of fun with heavy rock records, it could have been a Zeppelin record, I’m just not sure which one it was, it could have been a Cheetah Girls CD too! *laughs* That was the stuff that I was listening to, heavy heavy bands, I was just into that more than the bubblegum in your face pop stuff.

Madness To Creation:  You released the single entitled “Under My Skin”, take us into that song and what was the most challenging and rewarding aspect of writing that song?

Rachel:  That was the last song that I wrote on the record.  I was going through all of my titles and all of my lyrics, I feel like a lot of this record is about getting over something, and I recently met somebody that changed that for me, and to change that whole mindset of things, from being all jaded and tainted, and is not happy with anything or anyone, so I was thinking maybe we should write something that is not so depressing, so I was really happy that that was the last one, so I think it’s my favorite.  It’s very rewarding that I did that song because it shows me that I’m able to get over the things that I thought I would never be able to get over and to rise above.  The song is about somebody that I fell hard for and he got under my skin, the emotions were hardcore.  It’s also a very challenging song, it was the last song of the record, after that, my voice was pretty much done, and I was like WOOOO, I did it!  I went out with a bang!

Madness To Creation:  Based on your explanation, what is one piece of relationship advice that you would give to a person?

Rachel:  Don’t change yourself for someone else.  If it’s for compromising, that’s one thing, but if you feel like that it’s suddenly changing the person that you are, and you’re suddenly becoming more negative and pessimistic, it’s not good! Run, don’t walk away, run because that person met you a certain way and if they love you that way, why would they want to change you, you gotta remain true to yourself, and I feel like I did not do that and I regret it.  I’m not a person that says that I have regrets because that’s not good, but that is something that I want to change and stuff, and that is compromising myself, I’ll never do that again for anybody.  I strongly advise in a relationship to never do that, remain true to you, and stay if they love you for it.

Madness To Creation:  Describe the album “Worship The Unbroken” using a movie title.

Rachel:  Actually, the album title is going to be “Worship”, “Worship The Unbroken” is a tagline, it goes through waves, it talks about the ugly side of Hollywood, the ugly side of fame and what comes from it, and it talks about being strong through leaving someone.  The main theme of it is remaining strong through things that you don’t think you can get through and being true to yourself and gaining strength and learning from these things, not letting it take you down and not letting you drown from it.  It’s about getting stronger and having lessons and wisdom that you can share.

Madness To Creation:  You have a couple of gigs coming up, why should people come see Rachel Lorin in concert?

Rachel:  You should come see me in concert because I don’t think any girl is out there doing what I’m doing right now, I do have similarities to other artists but nothing that you have seen before.  I’m trying to be as innovative as possible and to put my vision to life.  I feel like it’s very different, it’s approachable and it’s something that a lot of people can relate to, I feel like when I leave they will have an experience, and that’s what I care about.  I want people to leave taking something with them.  We’ve been in rehearsals now for a month.  I’m really excited about the stage and the connection as well.  There’s going to be a side to me that no one has ever seen, I think they will like it, if not, that’s cool! *laughs*

Madness To Creation:  I’m going to give you the floor to add anything else you want to add.

Rachel:  I’m everywhere on social media.  I’m @rachellorinofficial on Instagram, @rlorinofficial on Twitter and @rachellorinmusic on Facebook.  I do have a website www.rachellorinmusic.com . I do have some shows coming up in L.A. and New York.  I will be performing in Los Angeles on April 3rd and on April 11th, I will be performing at a venue called Berlin in New York City.  I will be doing two main stage appearances at Rock Fest on July 17th.

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