Editor’s Note:  New York City-based rock band, Zr. King, announce their high-adrenaline single, aptly titled, “Welcome to Bearizona,” to welcome their  upcoming album, Musically & Morally Bankrupt, due out May 17, 2019. Zr. King have left a big impression on the local scene, receiving support on BBox Radio, Radio Free Brooklyn, and playing at acclaimed venues in the Northeast. They will be celebrating the release on May 16, 2019 at Arlene’s Grocery.

The band got their start in New York in 2012, when brothers Brandon and Griffin Lotti (formerly of rock act Social Hero) reinvented their line up along with Matthew Thompson and  Derek “D-Pain” Skyler. From 2016 on, D-Pain’s role has been filled by renowned NYC drummer Medley Shabazz, and the band have kept at fine-tuning their guitar-driven, power-rock style., The band channels a diverse mix of their classic progenitors (Led Zeppelin, The Who), beloved mid-nineties mammoths (Alice In Chains, Soundgarden) and contemporary rock monsters (Muse, Queens of the Stone Age).The quartet continue to bring to their fans an “explosive sonic collision of raucous swagger, anthemic hooks, and a relentless live show.” (Sceneazine)

“Welcome to Bearizona” is Zr. King’s first musical release since their debut album, A Potentially Lethal Game of Chance (2014). The band is excited to share their new album, Musically & Morally Bankrupt, with fans this May. All of Zr. King’s music is available for streaming now on all digital platforms. Stay tuned as Zr. King bring more riffs, sweat, and energy to the stage and beyond.

Here is Zr. King’s commentary and Spotify playlist!

Foo Fighters – Weenie Beenie

When we first got the band together, Griffin cut a demo of this song playing everything because he was so anxious about singing.  If Dave Grohl can scream into a trash can, so can you.  Or, Griffin.   Obviously, it worked.


Motörhead – Going To Brazil

Similar story here.  If you’re flipped out about singing, just do what Lemmy did: drink a bunch of whiskey and bark your way through it.  We have tremendous love and respect for the old man and the MH crew, and this track stands the test of time.  It’s a pretty rad party anthem too.

Clutch – A Quick Death In Texas

We love Clutch, and we love Texas.  This song just grooves.  When Neal Fallon starts talking about a preacher holding a bible in one hand and the business end of a Winchester rifle in the other, get out of the way.  

Rammstein – Amerika

Not only is this song awesome, but if you’ve never seen the video you owe it to yourself to check that out.  Till Lindemann and the crew got it spot on.  Playing on the fricken moon.  When are they gonna make a Bond flick where Till Lindemann is the bad guy?  We’d pay top dollar for that. 

Cancion Franklin & The Family Band – Back To Texas

Sensing a theme here?  Cancion is a great friend in NYC by way of AZ, a stalwart rock’n’roll dude at that.  And an all-around great guy.  We all like going back to Texas, let’s just not make it a permanent thing.  We got business here in the city too.  Plus, Medley is in Cancion’s band, so we gotta family connection right there.

The Spanish Channel – Bleed My Own Love

This song may not even be on your favorite playlist platform, and if it isn’t, you aren’t trying hard enough. Jaime Garamella is the thought police behind The Spanish Channel, and their catchy tunes are solvent enough to mop up pop rock murder scenes. Tie that loop together with them being beautiful people we love, and you’ll get it. 

Slash / Myles Kennedy / The Conspirators – Withered Delilah

We’ve had the good fortune of seeing Slash and Co. on a number of tours in the last decade and firmly believe they’re one of the best.  This song pumps up the swagger and cuts away any fat there might have been.  Rock’n’roll, made loud to be played loud.

Muse – Sunburn

There was this one time we were sitting on a boat at Lake Arrowhead, California with honorary Zr. King member Andrew Secundy, listening to this song and fishing.  You ever have a song that is entrenched so vividly in a memory that you can’t not think of that memory anytime you hear the song?  That’s this.  Plus, this is from the first Muse record, and the first Muse record kicks ass.  More people should know it.

Corrosion of Conformity – Seven Days

The record this is from, Deliverance, was a cornerstone for Zr. King in terms of learning the ropes in the early years.  The guitar harmonies, gritty songwriting, and relentless vocal style.  Plus, the riffs in this song slay.  Dig it!

Pantera – Mouth For War

One of our Pantera favorites (near impossible to choose just one with these guys).  If you’re ever having a bad day, put this track on.  15 seconds of that intro and your day won’t be so bad anymore, guaranteed.  If it still is, a black tooth grin will fix ya right up.

Red Fang – Prehistoric Dog

We loved this song so much when we first heard it that we started covering it.  Red Fang is from out west and may be the only band on earth that drinks more PBR than we do.  It’s got a killer, weird riff, and lots of screaming.  Both things we can get behind in spades.

Revolution Mother – Above the Crawl

First and foremost, Rev Mutha is Mike Vallely’s band – so if you’ve ridden a skateboard in the last 20 or 30 years and still have a fricken’ pulse, you know who Mike Vallely is.  Added bonus: the tunes are slick, and this one has a stone cold groove.  This is another driving-through-the-desert-in-a-muscle-car-monster.  Perfect for your next skate session or nightmarish subway commute.

Dr. Manhattan – Mailman

Paper mâché meets rock’n’roll in this terrifying invite to a midnight hike in a rocket car.  I couldn’t find my contacts for a week.  What does Dr. Manhattan got? The most epic guitar breakdown ever. 

James McMurtry And The Heartless Bastards – Choctaw Bingo (live)

Sometimes you need to mellow out and throw down a solid track to cruise to.  Enter James McMurtry, and this gem that basically has one section running for about 8 minutes.  Says James, “We’ll start this next set with a song about the North Texas/Southern Oklahoma crystal methamphetamine industry.” Strap them kids in and give’em a little bit of vodka, we got some work to do.

Fans can check out the playlist here.

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