Sarah Potenza’s new album, “Road To Rome, begins with the words “I work for me!”.  It begins the battle cry of a woman who is ready to take on the world, and I think she can do it without breaking her stride.  This woman sounds like she has been holding back too long and she wants you to know she isn’t holding back anymore.  Not. Ever. Again.  You can hear her gritty lyrics and her words might also cause some to blush.  If you can’t handle profanity, this is not the woman to listen to, as she uses profanity to move her songs along and get her thoughts out where we have no doubt what she means.  Example, “I don’t give a f*** about nothing but the music.”  It isn’t overkill, it is just scattered through a few songs.
In Potenza’s song “Diamond”, she sings of being a young girl with the reminiscing of someone who remembers tough times and learns from them.  I think this song could be her anthem.  The song claims that she was born to be a diamond, and she belts out this song with a conviction that makes you believe it with her.  She can be anything she wants to be, just step back out of her way or she’ll hit you with her heels as she climbs over you!
“…“Diamond” is an anthem of self-acceptance and just the sort of song we all need when we’ve lost touch with our own shine.”- Audiofemme
Check out the track for “Diamond” here.
Her voice shines and it envelopes you and sucks you in as she wails out the ballad Earthquake, a love song for her husband. It is here you can hear her bluesy, gutsy grit and marvel at the voice that just as easily goes from kick ass rocking to a sound I can only equate to church hymns. The song Worthy is so perfectly flawless, I can’t help but imagine she is singing the lead at a church choir. I feel this one showcases her voice the best out of the 10 songs on her latest creation. It’s a Pied Piper kind of voice, one you willing would follow anywhere.
 “Potenza is to the blues what Adele is to pop: a colossal-voiced singer who merges her old-school influences with a modernistic sound.”-Rolling Stone
    As usual, when I do a review I look for other videos and more information on the singer or group, there are plenty of videos out there on Sarah Potenza. Whether I watched videos from 1 year ago, 3 years ago or as much as 7 years ago, it was interesting and wonderful to watch her. What was most interesting is she seems to sing with just as much power and conviction today as in her yesterdays. Her voice is so powerful but can go almost to a whisper, she has complete control and knows when to pour it on, and when to back it off to get that perfect song every time. She was an absolute joy to discover and I encourage you to listen to her and search for more music, as she isn’t going anywhere and you are going to be hearing more from her without a doubt. Sarah just finished a Melissa Etheridge Cruise and will be playing Washington and California next. Try to see her live if you get the chance. She is comfortable now, not complacent, and she sure as hell will show you the difference!
“Sarah Potenza is a one-of-a-kind singer of our time. Watch for her because this talented singer-songwriter is, without question, going places.”-Rock and Blues Muse
“Road To Rome” track-listing:
1.  I Work For Me
2.  Dickerson and Queen
3.  Who Do You Think I Am
4.  Diamond
5.  Earthquake
6.  Worthy
7.  I Believe
8.  Keep On Holdin’
9.  Happiness
10.  Road To Rome
Check out Sarah Potenza on the following gig dates:
Thu. 4/18- Treehouse Cafe in Bainbridge Islands, Washington
Fri. 4/19- House Show in Woodinville, Washington
Sat. 4/27- Bootleg Music Cafe in Sacramento, California
Sun. 4/28- House Show in San Francisco, California
Thu. 5/2- The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, California
Fri. 5/3- C Gallery on Broadway in Long Beach, California
Mon. 6/24- City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee

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