Editor’s Note:  On April 19th, Italy’s SOAWARE will be unleashing their single entitled “We Shall Be One” ahead of their self-titled debut album.  Here is what SOAWARE had to say about it:

“We Shall Be One” is about struggling with feeling separated and lonely while being aware one is not truly alone in the world. The emotional ethos of the lyrics are truly captured in brooding vocals which loom over an ethereal combination of guitars, bass, drums, and synths. The haunting tones of “We Shall Be One” leave the listener to ponder their own relationship with the world.

Soaware’s founders and central songwriters, Damiano Bessi and Emanuele Grazioli, bring groundbreaking alternative rock from Italy to the rest of the world. They first met in 1999 while playing in the band Mad Cobol, later splitting to perform with separate groups. In 2015, the two reunited to form Soaware, retreating to a basement studio to write new music. The fruits of Soaware’s three-year (2015-2018) labor have culminated in their forthcoming self-titled album. Soaware will include 11 tracks which feature the pair on songwriting, instrumentals, and production. Focusing on sheer emotions rather than life experiences, Soaware draw upon the spirits of 90s grunge and 80s synth pop to create dark atmospheres with electronic rock/metal edges.  Here is some commentary that Soaware member Emanuele Grazioli left about his playlist:

“The darkness hides everything and this may seem negative, apparently, but hiding everything means hiding beautiful things and bad things and if life has given you many ugly and unpleasant things, well, the darkness is not so bad and  this is perhaps why for many it is something very attractive, because it does not make us see who we are, what we have around us and gives us relief.


this playlist represents the balance that generated Soaware. our usual listening, and their evolutions, the songs we would write and the soundtracks of our “artistic moments”, sometimes very different sounds but always linked by a vein of melancholy,  disease immersed in those environments often filtered with dark.  although we like to think that our music has no obvious influences, we realize that everything we have listened to and listened to has pleasantly shaped us.” – Emanuele Grazioli

Soaware’s “Vantablack” playlist features the following artists:  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, David Bowie, Editors, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Aucan, Puscifer, Alice In Chains, The Cure, Korn, Massive Attack, The Gathering, Nine Inch Nails, Peeping Tom, and Dub Trio.  Fans can check out Emanuele’s playlist here.

For more information about Soaware visit:

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