This past February, Austin, Texas indie-rockers Cosmico released their album entitled “Overthinker Know It All”.  Based on their eclectic arrangements and interesting storytelling in their lyrics, this album will cause listeners to pay attention to Cosmico.

Produced by Frenchie Smith, the band has an interesting mix of 80’s New Wave, with elements of garage rock and 60’s surf rock.  The songs are an enjoyable listen and they hearken back to the days of The Cure meets Modern English meets The National.

For example, there are psychedelic overtones meets AM radio storytelling in the songs “Shiny Armor”, “Oh Well”, and “L.A. Lately”.  These tracks remind me of a back alleyway soundtrack to a calm evening as the streetlights are glowing in the moonlight.  The song “Spain” feels like a sucker punch to the stomach.  “Karaoke Bar” sounds fun, quirky, and seductive all rolled into one.

Through these arrangements, it’s appropriate that the band name is Cosmico.  The music is charismatic, full of flair, and sounds otherworldly.  Madness To Creation gives “Overthinker Know It All” by Cosmico an 8 out of 10 stars.  This album will grow on you with each listen!  Check out the track listing below:

  1.  Ivory Coast
  2.  Nothing That Matters
  3.  Spain
  4.  Pajama Day
  5.  L.A. Lately
  6.  Constant Blur
  7.  Oh Well
  8.  Every Week Or So
  9.  Karaoke Bar
  10.  Shiny Armor

On Friday, April 26th, Cosmico has a gig at Stay Gold in Austin, Texas.  For tickets and further information on the gig, click here.

Fans can find COSMICO at the following locations:

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